Why Your iPhone Will Never Be More Entertaining than Your Actual Television

Let’s face it, you’re kind of attached to your iPhone. Helping you cure boredom, answer questions, and keep in touch with friends, it’s no wonder you consider the gadget a prized possession. Yet, your iPhone will never entertain, relax, and excite you quite like your trusty TV.

Your TV won’t ever need charging and certainly won’t ever get dropped in a toilet. Not only reliable, your TV allows you to sit back, kick your feet up, and take pleasure in your favorite sitcoms, dramas, and sports games. Here are just a few more reasons your smart phone will never hold a candle to the tube.

Because You’re a Fan of Lazy Sundays

flickr by ironypoisoning Because You're a Fan of Lazy Sundays

Image via Flickr by ironypoisoning

After a weekend of late-night partying with friends, deep-cleaning the house, or even throwing your kid’s birthday party, you’re exhausted. You want to crash on the couch and watch TV show marathons. With a delivery pizza on the coffee table and the TV remote in your hand, you’ve achieved an ultimate lazy Sunday afternoon.

Your iPhone simply can’t give you the R&R that your TV can provide. Your energy level is low, so even thumbing through apps and articles is too much work. Thanks to TV, you can relax your mind and gently fall asleep without a care in the world.

Because You’re a Movie Buff

Turn off all the lights and turn on the surround sound system. Order a new release through your cable provider, watch a hit movie on one of your premium channels, or go old school and pop in a DVD. Microwave a bag of popcorn and pour a glass of Coke. Get cozy on your couch and take it all in.

You might as well be sitting in a movie theater. Try watching a movie from your smart phone and see what kind of enjoyment you’ll get out of it. In the name of movies, your TV definitely trumps your phone.

Because You Have A Love For the Game

Whether you’re a football fan or a basketball enthusiast, your TV is your best friend during sports seasons. There’s nothing you love more than breaking open some cold beer and yelling at the TV with your friends by your side. It’s times likes these when you’re grateful you bought the 55-inch plasma and HDTV sports package.

Sure, your iPhone can assist you with sports. You can go online and buy Carolina Panthers tickets or you can check the score for the Pittsburgh Steelers Game. However, attempt to watch a game on that 5-inch screen and see how it compares to your glorious TV.

Because You’re an Expert Multi-Tasker

Say you’re home alone and cleaning the house. What do you use for background noise and occasional breaks? More than likely, you’re listening to your TV as you sweep the floors. Perhaps you’re snuggled up on your couch and getting caught up with work on your laptop. Your TV is probably on then too, providing that sporadic distraction from your boring tasks.

TV’s are gifts to us multi-taskers. Holding onto your phone and checking your e-mail or looking through your Facebook news feed just isn’t going to allow you the freedom to multi-task.

TV’s have been around for nearly 70 years. They’ve stuck by our side, giving us quality entertainment at home. Sure, your iPhone is pretty awesome, but will it ever measure up to the greatness of the television set?

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