What will the state of small business look like in 2013?

I’ve been an avid user of Aweber for many years. Overtime it has evolved and if you’re just starting to get into online marketing – setting up an email opt-in form for your business should be one of ¬†your main priorities. ¬†Emails are still the cellphones of the internet, doesn’t matter what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, etc. – we still check our emails at the end of the day, brushing social media clutter aside.

This is just an interesting infographic from Aweber on the state of small business in 2013, after they surveyed 3,000 small business owners from around the world.

the state of small business in 2013 at my time matters blog via aweber



  1. Thanks first of all for updating the accurate figures of the change in the small scale business from the last two years.
    Then, I will like to add, Small Scale businesses are also well aware of the importance of having a profile on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and linkedin in particular now a days for Photo sharing, another social network has evolved and emerged to be the first to get 10 mn visitors a day and i.e, Pinterest so the numbers are ever increasing from the last few years or so for the small scales to submit and have their profiles on the Social networks.

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