Best Ways to Invest & Best Unlisted Companies

What is the Best Way to Invest?

There are several ways to invest your money. You can invest your money in several ways. Here are few best ways to invest your money.

01) Invest in your own Business –

This is probably the best Investment. If you have invested in your own business then it will give you the best returns in the long run.

02) Invest in a Franchise Business –

If you don’t want to start your own Business from Scratch, then you can invest in a franchise business. This is another great way to invest your money.

03) Portfolio –

Build a Portfolio of Stocks and Bonds from your Money.

04) Gold –

Investing in Gold is a never bad. Paper money fluctuates, while gold always goes up.

05) Real Estate

You can buy residential or commercial property with your money and put it on the market. Many people do this and enjoy the steady rental Income from their investment.

At the end of the day, all of the above are best Investments for your Capital. Go for anyone of them and enjoy better returns.

Which Are Best Investments in Recession?

There are several asset classes available in the world during the recession, there are few asset classes that you should Invest in. Here are those few asset classes:

01) Invest in your own Business –

This is the Best investment ever during the time of recession. Investment in your own Business during the time of recession can give you the best returns in the long run. So if you have not started your Business yet then Recession is the best time to start your own business from scratch.

02) Gold –

Gold is the other asset class that is Inflation proof. And during the time of recession, when the governments and central banks from all around the world are printing money, money is becoming worthless day by day … so it is advisable to invest in gold.

03) Equity –

Yes, Stocks. During the time of Recession, the stock markets are all time low. That makes it the golden opportunity to buy stocks of fundamentally strong companies. You can never find this type of great Investment opportunity. As Stocks of all the companies are selling at discounted prices.

04) Investment in your Financial Knowledge –

This is my favorite Investment. It’s not about investing your money. But this is about Investing your time. The Time that you invest towards increasing your Financial IQ will give you the best dividends in the long run. Most of the people spend money on costly investments but they don’t invest their time on increasing their Financial IQ.

All of the above are the Best Investments during the time of recession. Believe me, If you Invest in above tools during the time of recession, you will definitely succeed.

How to Find Best Unlisted Companies?

Honestly speaking, this is a very tough thing. Since the financial statements and quarterly financial results of unlisted companies are almost impossible to get. According to the laws, they are not required to disclose their financial statements to the public like listed companies.

Many people buy stocks of unlisted companies in India. But most of the time they suffer a financial loss

In countries like US, not everyone can invest in unlisted companies. Only Accredited Investors … meaning those that have net worth well above $ 1 Million can legally invest in these kinds of deals.

Buying shares of unknown unlisted companies from the stock brokers is a very common practice in India. But it is not allowed in US. You have to be an informed and sophisticated investor to buy shares of Unlisted companies in US.

That being said, this type of Investment is for Sophisticated Investors who analyze the financial statements before investing. And if you are not a sophisticated investor then this Investment is not for you. Because it is fairly Risky.

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