Understanding the Term Solar Heating and its Importance

Solar heating is a new system of heating that is very efficient, effective and provides ventilation too. It is the method of heating water or home using the heat energy that is stored in the roof. The solar collectors gathers the energy from the sun and transforms the radiation into heat. This heat is then transferred to water, air or any solar fluid that is there in the system. Most common usage of this solar thermal energy is for heating water and also to create energy that is required for electric appliances in homes. There can be many reasons for why people choose this solar heating system for generating heat or energy. Some of the common reasons include:

Solar Heat

The solar heating will help in keeping the home warm during winter. It creates the comfort and helps in increasing ventilation inside the home and delivers clean and fresh air. Besides this, the filters in the heating system will remove any allergens, dust and contaminants that can impure the air indoors. Thus, the heating system helps in keeping a cleaner indoor and such system is very beneficial for those especially suffering from asthma or allergies.

Installing such heating system will take minimal space and it is relatively cheap to install and maintain the system. It reduces the humidity inside your home and thus reduces the risk of mildew, damp or mold. In addition to solar heating system, there are also various other options included such as solar panels and solar thermal system.

By using the solar heating systems, you can save money spent on the electricity bills, increase your property value, reduce the pollution or emission of harmful energies. Thus, it becomes eco-friendly and it creates an independence in using your own energy as required.

The solar heating is now not only used in homes or small commercial centers, but is also being used in automobile industries, manufacturing factories and in large sectors where the energy consumptions can be considerably reduced by using such systems. The solar heating system is also available in different sizes and types and you can select the best model as per your needs. The solar heating systems are generally categorized in four types. First type is active solar heating systems, which is referred as direct and indirect systems, second is passive solar heating systems, third is integrated collector storage systems and last one is thermosyphon systems.

Active solar heating system is usually preferred in regions, where the temperatures never drops below the freezing point of water. Passive water heating systems are considered to be more reliable and durable than active systems. This system is less expensive compared to active system and is less efficient than active solar heating systems. Integrated collector storage solar heating systems are most beneficial for residences, where the demand of hot water is most during the daytime. Thermosyphon solar heating system is more expensive to install but is quite durable and have no electric parts. This water heating systems completely outperform ICS solar heating systems because its upper tank is extremely well insulated and batch system loses heat overnight and the supply of hot water is maintained until the next day also.

Customers can choose solar heating system depending upon one requirements and geographical region so that they end up buying a quality system at best of price.

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