Track Your Kids Using iPhone Spy Software

Ever wondered why your kids or employees stay glued to their iPhone handsets all the time. The reason is iPhone provides them an access to a whole new world of apps and instant access to all social networking websites. If they still get bored, iPhone provides them access to every website they ever wish to visit. This definitely makes them more vulnerable and hence leaves you more paranoid than ever before. You can stay stress free once you install iPhone spy software in their phones.

Why StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is such a spy software that will never disappoint you by failing to provide you their complete track of cell phone activities without any interruption. Once installed in your child’s phone, it will provide you continuous and uninterrupted details of your child’s activities using his/her iPhone so that you know the reason behind their latest obsession to their new phone. Installation of StealthGenie doesn’t affect working of your child’s phone in any way so that your child stays unaware of the spying. It keeps on working smoothly and remotely monitors all the activities of target phone.

stealthgenie iphone monitoring - Track Your Kids Using iPhone Spy Software


StealthGenie is compatible with almost all iOS versions from 3.0 -6.0. So, before buying StealthGenie make sure it is compatible with your child’s iOS version and then order it for you.

How To Install?

StealthGenie will not get installed on your target’s iPhone unless it is Jailbroken. Jailbreaking is not a very intricate process and you can easily complete it on your own. Once the target device is Jailbroken you can smoothly continue with installation of StealthGenie. The entire procedure is available on StealthGenie’s website. By following the procedure step by step you can effortlessly install it on the target phone.

Location Tracking With StealthGenie:

It is a very common practice among teenagers to lie about their location. You can easily find the truth by tracking their location using StealthGenie and find out if your child is safe or not. You can not only view their location history but you can also mark safe and restricted areas. This will help you get an instant alert when your child enters any restricted or unsafe area.

Because at the end of the day it is your responsibility to take care of your child and protect them from all the possible harms.  As kids will always remain kids and you will always be responsible for them. So use StealthGenie and put an end to all their wrongdoings using the best iPhone spy software available.

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