Tons of traffic in multiple niches from one blog – is that possible?

Is it possible to have a successful blog without content being tied to some particular niche, criteria or category?  It sure is, there are tons of blogs out there that entertain massive audiences with variety of content.  In fact … looking at Tumblr it is pretty obvious.  People just post whatever the hell they want and yet, they still capture masses.

blog my time matters blogWith information floating about from all directions it’s only fair to capture just enough traffic to expand the visibility and attention of others starting somewhere.  But where?  We should recognize that if someone wants to obtain any type of information, all they have to do is Google it … and whola.  What we have to realize is that we’re in the new information age and there is something else that matters beyond the news, the next big event, or even that what is happening around us.  When it comes down to the information that constantly surrounds us, what begins to matter is what others are saying about what’s happening about the things that are happening.  Are you with me?  How many times do you find yourself bypassing the article you’re reading or that video you’re watching just to see what others are saying about it?

When others leave feedback they create backlinks and above all – they create even more unique content.  Search engines absolutely love that.  But it gets even better.  With so many social networks it’s only a matter of time before others begin sharing content that has captured their interests.  Each social media network offers its own unique features and audience bases.  Because lets face it – some people have lives.  Depending on blog’s content, one social network will drive more traffic over the other.  It’s good to be in the know with the times, as there are new social media networks coming out daily … so it seems.  As bloggers and internet users, we should always be ready to share our content on the next big thing.

I understand niches, and I also understand that it’s hell of a lot less work to drive traffic to a particular one.  What I sometimes don’t understand is why have multiple niches in different places … when you can have them all in one place.  If you’re an affiliate marketer looking to score some cash then specific niches in particular trending markets are the way to go.  No doubt.  However if you’re blogging about blogging, then in the next blog you’re blogging about SEO and then in the next one you’re blogging about your favorite food.  With all that effort and no traffic, then something must be going on.  I personally just said screw it – I’ll see how My Time Matters Blog does with all of it and more … in one place.

I’m not here to stray anyone away from their niches or market agendas, I am simply offering a different point of blogging view that does make sense.  Realistically – there are more than 82,000 blogs that start daily and sadly many of them go un-updated and die out.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good an idea or content may be – if no one sees it.  With so many tools by our side it’s only fair that only a matter of time will set some niches for stardom. What really matters is what others are saying, sharing, monetizing and loving.  Anyone can break that ice and begin obtaining the visibility deserved.

Would love to get your thoughts, opinions, questions and experiences on blogging and such when different niches and topics are involved – comment below – say what’s up.


  1. I don’t think you need a niche to be successful. You need to produce solid content, be consistent and sustain your effort. If you sustain your effort good things tend to happen.

    •  @TheJackB Exactly, it really just takes consistency and time backed up by solid content as you’ve mentioned.  A lot of people just give up too early.

  2. I think that there are many successful blogs that are in a very broad niche, rather than a narrow niche.  The big ones such as mashable, techcrunch, etc…  Actually, having a broad niche allows for more topics of discussion and brings in a more varied audience.  I like having a more expansive niche and then using the subniches as categories for my blog posts.

    •  @richescorner That makes sense, I personally just have broad niches all around and just pile them in … topics that are simply in or around the category content.  As long as I have an opt in form below each post then I know who is interested in what based on the subscriptions.

      •  @vitalyvt So then you have a personalized opt in form for each topic?  That’s ingenious!  I hadn’t actually thought of that, but it makes a ton of sense.  Do you manually have to place the specific opt in form according to the topic or do you have a plugin that takes care of it for you?

        •  @richescorner There is a plugin called Add Post Footer which inserts the optin code or any html/style at the bottom of each post you set so you have to manually assign your post numbers to it (easier than going into each post per say).  However I use it on single posts that receive 100+ views daily so I know what to target.  All my optin forms look the same however they are tied to different internal lists that are within my optin form platform.  So far it’s been working out well!

  3. Hi Vitaly, I agree, niches are over-rated. What counts is engaging writing. Nothing else matters as much. As you and Jack point out, people come back for quality, not because a blog is in a particular niche. 

    •  @wonderoftech Hey Carolyn, I totally agree – it all comes down to the community and how you interact with it.  Show them quality content and feedback – they will return the favor.  You said it best – engaging writing is what takes the cake.

  4. SusanaLopezMendiola says:

    Hello. I’m all the way new to this kind of topic. Someone pm me and sent me a message saying:
    “We are looking blog post sites for all niches with pr2+.we have bulk orders blogs”
    Can you please explain me what this means or what this person wants from my blog?

    •  @SusanaLopezMendiola hey Susana, basically they are looking to spread their content. If it’s good, then you should accept it – as it’s free unique content given to your blog. If your blog is good enough and has a high pr then you can tell them that you charge a certain amount to have guest posts/articles to be accepted on your blog. A PR stands for pagerank – it’s a common denominator when it comes to seeing a quality of a blog. You can just google page rank to see what yours is. The pr breakdown is based on views: pr# 0  is for 0 – 10 views, pr# 1 is 10 – 100 views,  pr#2 is 100 – 1,000 pr#3 is 1,000 – 10,000 views, pr#4 is 10,000 – 100,000 views and so forth – PR10 being the highest.

  5. Finally a ‘feel good’ post for me! I tried sticking to child development in my early days of blogging. I felt so restricted and not being myself. Now I blog about things that connect, what I am passionate about and am very much happier.

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  10. Danbert Cariño says:

    Alright, now this answers my question. I feel relieved now. I’m just starting a blog( ) and planning to have different niches in it. Thanks for this post vitaly!


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