The Science of Reincarnation

One great German Philosopher of 19th century by the name of Arthur Schopenhauer, once said, “Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life.”

Have you ever asked yourself the question as to what is life, what is death and if everything becomes zero with death? Some people do exist who genuinely don’t believe in reincarnation, but majority of the disbelievers are those who hate the concept of hell and punishment, as they don’t have courage to accept the fact that they will have to pay for what they are doing now.

The idea of reincarnation was never totally absent from the western world. There were many ancient western philosophers who made reincarnation an integral part of their teachings. Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras are some of the most prominent names amongst those. Just before Socrates passed away, he said, “I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, and that the living spring from the dead.”

The most fundamental information about reincarnation can be found in ancient scriptures in India. Bhagavad-Gita, the holiest book of Hindus, has this science clearly explained by God Himself. The Gita was spoken almost 50 centuries ago by Lord Krsna to His friend and disciple Arjuna on a battlefield in a town in northern India. There could be no better place to discuss about reincarnation than a battlefield, for in combat, a man has to directly confront the fateful questions of life and death.

Krishna explained in this book that “as an embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death” (2.13).

Even the science says energy cannot be destroyed, it is just transformed; then how can the most energetic creature of the creation can finish to nothing at the time of death? It is simply not logical; we are born again and again and again.

Time and again, so many cases have come to light where one remembered his past life, and was able to give 100% accurate accounts about his previous birth. And this has not just happened in Eastern world, but west as well. If you would like to hear of one such account, you can watch this very interesting video on YouTube:

Part 1: Reincarnation – past life evidence


Part 2: Reincarnation – past life evidence


We have been in this cycle of birth and death since time immemorial. How can one get out of it? And what happens when we get out of this cycle of birth and death? We would continue to discuss about these two very important questions in our next blog post. Till then, I’d love for everyone to watch these 2 videos and give reincarnation a good thought.


  1. Timothy says:

    This seems to be a beautiful article…..I too believe that living doesn't finish with death, and we continue to exist.

    • Hi Timothy
      thanks! I am happy that you liked the article…as far as reincarnation is concerned..when I was young even i remembered who I was and how did I die

      stay tuned..there is more to come

  2. Hi Preity.

    I don't think we can ever know what is true, until we get there.
    But I don't think death is the end. Life is too much of a miracle to just be created from nothing and to go back to nothing.

    I believe we move on in one form or another.
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    • I agree, death is just another chapter.

    • Hi Daniel..I agree..but the problem is that we have been there so many times as we pass through so many different bodies and die. We see what is there after death, but then we move on to next body and forget what we saw…this would continue till we develop a desire to finish it and return to that home where we have a transcendent body, and which never dies..:)
      I long to be there…

  3. It would be really stupid to suggest that there isn't something more to life than this one life we have right now. I don't suppose it really matters that we simply have to accept it as a feeling – there can be no evidence… ok, you can put forward examples etc. but those will always be refuted. Ultimately, it boils down to a gut instinct that for me points to something more than what we can perceive.

    I've no idea whether we have other lives or not, but it makes sense to me that we are somehow eternal.
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    • You make a great point Dan. We just have to live and learn to figure out what is and what isn't based on our gut knowledge when it comes to it.

      • Hi Vitaly,

        Some time, it good to hear from authentic source than to figure out yourself with your own limited power.I remember an example, did you ever figure out who is your father? Surely not! but just believe the word of your mother……so mother is the authentic vedic scriptures which can give you authentic broader understanding on such deep topics like birth,death,reincarnation etc…specially Bhagavat Gita alone can provide is the scientific profound knowledge on these subject matters.

        I am an scientist in IT and can easily understand how Science is limited and ends with BIG-BANG impossible theory ……….Scientist understands that they are limited but the so called follower and believer of scientist with poor fond of knowledge are misguided and believe that the Scientist are their GOD ND THEY KNOW EVERYTHING …..
        I hope it will not offend you…sorry..

        Ramchandra Das


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