The Risk and Success Factors of Network Marketing

Businesses deal with risk all the time, just like we do with our personal lives.  Everywhere we go risk’s factors are not avoidable.  However, you can minimize the risks you face by making good judgments and keeping a keen perspective.

Likewise, the business of network marketing brings risks with it as well.  Like any other business, the risks that are involved are always about lesser profits or worse losing your capital.

Before anything else, when you engage in MLM you should keep in mind that you’re in for a long drag.  If you really want your networking business to work out you need to work hard for its success.  The problem with people who set a low quota for themselves is that they tend to be content with reaching just that.  They resist exerting more effort because for them they have got what they wanted, which is really only a fraction of what they can achieve in this kind of business.  More often than not, their half hearted efforts cannot even produce the result they want simply because it is really not enough.

People have this notion, that when they find a really good MLM opportunity, they rush into getting a few down lines and think that they are already set for life.  MLM success stories have always been attributable to the amount of hard work that a team has put into the business, and success cannot be achieved overnight.

Think of it this way:  Compare earning, let’s say $10,000 a day for a month to earning just $0.01 for the first day and yet it doubles every day thereafter for a month as well.  You might think that $10,000 a day is already a lot of money and you would certainly choose this path, but if you look closely and do the actual computation, $10,000 for 30 days will only give you $300,000.  On the other hand, $0.01 that doubles everyday for 30 days will give you $5,368,709.12!! Do know see the very big difference here?  This is the potential that network marketing can give you if you just do it the right way.  Do not be in a hurry; do take your time to make careful evaluations of your courses of action for better efficiency in doing the business.  Before jumping into a network marketing business, think about these questions and try to assess yourself based on how you answer them.

1.  Do you have the budget for the joining fee?

2.  Can you accommodate for the operational costs needed for the business?

3.  What if you do not make money in 6 months, do you have a backup plan?

4.  Would you be willing to cut your unnecessary costs to make way for the costs needed for this kind of business?

5.  Are you willing to learn?

Risk would always be present in network marketing, however this can be minimized if you can adjust well to the demands of time, money, and skills necessary to make this business your chance to become a millionaire.


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