The Powerful Smartphone HTC One X

The HTC One X is a powerful smartphone for a specialist group of smartphone fanatics who love power and have big pocket. If you compare HTC phones this phone is super huge with some raw power and whooping price tag.

The large 4.7 inch display is more look like a tablet than a phone, but satisfy users who think bigger is better. HTC One X is a phone that can’t be squirrelled away in your back pocket, though the company has had never the idea of designing to make it squirrelled away in the pocket of users.

If we compare the HTC phones, this gigantic phone has got the maximum attention because of its powerful quad-core chip – the first in the line of HTC handsets. It has also equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on board, slathered with the latest version of HTC’s user interface software. The phone also comes with best HTC One X white deals offered by popular companies like Tesco, O2 and others.

It is surely past back its predecessors like HTC desire contract and others where this giant cost you £500, the price where you could purchase an Apple’s new iPad. One of the best HTC One X white deals offer two year contract priced around £30 to £35 per month. At this price, HTC is on the same platform where Apple’s iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note stand and compete.
Should I buy HTC One X?

HTC one X

The moot question is why you should buy HTC One X where you can get Galaxy or iPhone at the same price and same contract. If you compare the HTC phones, surely this phone has much greater leverage than its predecessor, but that doesn’t the only reason you must purchase a high-priced handset.

This phone surely doesn’t suit small hands with uncertain desires. The phone is certainly not about need, but your desire. There are limits of Android cores but that doesn’t limit One X; the phone is still very powerful, and if you are power craving, this phone would fit your pocket.

Battery Life

We have done enough discussion on design of HTC One X, so next most visible feature of the phone is battery strength. Unfortunately, battery life of this phone is poor, primarily because of its large size and lots of application. If you use it moderately for a day, it will drain out quickly.

You can improve the battery life by minimizing the brightness as well as full discharge and fully charge it subsequently. HTC itself has admitted certain flaws in battery but fix it some software update.

Quad-core chip and apps

The USP of this phone is no doubt its 1.5GHz quad-core chip. It tops among all Android smartphones, also fairly well on Quadrant’s benchmark beating the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Web browsing is certainly very quick through this powerful processor, but if you continue with lots of browsing things become a bit slow. The handset also handles rich HTML5 websites better than many other smartphones. Webpages loading time is faster and scrolling time is also quick. However, zoom is much smoother in Desire than One X.

Quad-core processors generally help multi-tasking and smoothen 3D applications such as gaming. Don’t think to replace laptop with this phone because though it is big and powerful, still laptop is something entirely different genre. This handset, and as a matter of fact tablets allow you to do multitasking, but always limited. In a laptop you can play music in the background, switching between apps without hampering your speed.

On the 3D gaming front, the phone is pretty much comfortable and dedicated graphics. If you are a hardcore gamer, obviously this phone is not for you.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The HTC One X runs on Google Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich, which means you can now access to face unlock feature plus download Google’s Chrome for Android. The Sense 4.0 is still in an experimenting mode. There are lots of works to do to streamline Sense 4.0.

Camera HTC

Camera and Video

HTC has definitely improved on its camera and video output from Desire. The new camera has better quality, adding a new image chip with f2.0 aperture, 28mm lens and backside-illuminated sensor to get a clear picture in low light. The 8 megapixel camera with autofocus can adjust its range depending on the distance. The camera quality is good with solid colours without being too saturated. It can handle low light situation very well with minimum noise.

Storage and NFC

HTC is associated with Dropbox, so you can avail 25GB of Dropbox storage, free for 2 years. The 32GB storage capability is competitive in this range of phones, only disadvantage is there is no microSD slot, so you can only expand your memory by using Dropbox cloud.
Another feature of One X is NFC technology, which means your future of wallet, paper ticket and pocket, all are changed into digital and you solely depend on your phone. The contactless technology is the new generation digitalization of your contact memes, and soon be a regular feature of your commute.

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