The Panic of the First Christmas Present for Your New Boyfriend

The Panic of the First Christmas Present for Your New BoyfriendAfter finding a nice, caring guy to spend the Christmas holiday with, it can be easy to feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. No Bridget Jones-styled singing into your hairbrush in your reindeer pjs, knowing that you will have to face the family’s  questions on boxing day about your love life.

If only it were that simple.

Here’s a little fact for you: men are insanely hard to shop for. And as it’s your first Christmas together, there’s all the extra added pressure around the gift. Do you go ‘crazy sentimental’ and write a book entitled ‘101 Thing I Love About You’? Perhaps not. Do you go ‘sexy’ and wrap yourself up in a big bow? Hmm. It can be hard to get the balance right to show you care, without the scare element.

After searching the big wide web, I stumbled across a site that may come in handy, as they have lots of different options. We’ve selected some of the best Christmas presents for boyfriends at, depending on what statement you’re aiming to make, and how much you want to spend…hoorah!

The personalised mug

This is a good one if you’re after something cute, but not too slushy. There are heaps out there for you to choose from, and as they can be personalised, you can choose what angle to go for. Personally, I think humour is a good element in something like this, as it will make him laugh and think of you each time he has a cuppa’.

The boy-friendly gadget

If your boyfriend is typical of the entire male population, he’ll most likely have a bit of a thing for all things tech-y. This can be a great interest to exploit in terms of a Christmas gift. Choose him something to do with his iPhone, laptop, camera, watch etc, and he’ll love you forever.

The food/drink gift

An easy and ideal option for your other half who fancies himself as a bit of a foodie, or even if he just appreciates a good drink now and again. You could go for something personalised, classic, unique or retro – the possibilities are endless.

The ‘little bit different’ idea

When shopping for your boyfriend, it can sometimes seem impossible to avoid the clichés, and to find him a unique, meaningful gift. If you know your beau wouldn’t be happy with just anything from the shelf, choose something distinctive and different to show him you care, and to get firmly into his good books.

The sentimental token

If you’ve reached the soppy stage of the ‘I love you’s, you may want to aim for something a bit more sentimental to show your affections. Don’t be put off just because it’s for a guy – sometimes only something sweet and thoughtful is right to show your feelings. There are lots of options and levels of sentiment you can show, so just make sure you choose something appropriate for your relationship stage.

The novelty option

It’s also good to remember that you don’t have to go for something serious when picking a present for your boyfriend. Especially if he’s a bit of a joker, going for something humorous can be a great alternative, particularly for taking the edge off the pressure. If you’re feeling a bit naughty, you could even go for something cheeky to spice things up in the bedroom, which will make for a very happy Christmas.

Sarah is a UK blogger that knows all of the hassles about finding presents at Xmas for her loved one.

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