The Latest Wedding Photography Trends for the Brides

Wedding is often the most precious occasion for most women and compromising on wedding photography is a strict no-no for them. Wedding photography is an evolving industry that has been refined by many pro-photographers who have specialized in wedding photography only. Introducing new techniques and style is a calculated business move for them which has allowed brides to leave the days of studio photography far behind and bringing in imagination, innovation, style and a splash of colors on their D-day photography.


Keeping abreast with the changing trends in wedding photography is a cool trick for would-be brides to get the most memorable wedding photo shoot.

Do not stop your imagination from running wild. People nowadays are doing lots of crazy things to make their wedding albums most unique. You can choose a particular theme matching your personality and get the photos done that way, such as – celebrity style.We all want our share of glitz and glam of the celebrity world. Turn your wedding album into a red carpet gala night with celebrity style posing.

Instead of creating a caricature of yourself in the photographs, choose the style that will let you express yourself freely. Later on, when you will see those pictures in the future, you are definitely going to cherish those moments.

As far as the theme of the album is concerned ‘Black and white photographs’ can be considered as another alternative option. This style of photography of the bygone era evokes nostalgia. Live in the subdued charm of elegance by turning your wedding album into a vintage scrapbook. Black and white; and sepia photos will make it look frozen in time. If sole ‘black and white’ combination makes the photographs look dull, ask your photographer to add a few colors along with the chosen giving it a mixture of emotion in every image.

Fusion photography

It is perhaps the latest trend introduced to wedding photography. Combining both photos and videos to create a unique storytelling style using a full frame High Definition SLR is the crux of fusionphotography. In actuality, the concept of fusion includes a combination of factors like good composition, perfect moment, enough time, and great lighting. Unless a photographer has the capability to mix up all these factors, a perfect fusion wedding photography will not be created.

However, a photographer will only be able to showcase his talent if you give him the scope to utilize his creativity. Instead referring, to age old Internet Guidelines, just mention with your photographer about the minor that should be captured. For instance, you can ask him to capture the moment of yours with your favorite person in the family who has been like your mother. Once you mention these details, you can be assured with the rest of the job being done by them.

An ace Calgary wedding photographer can update you on the latest photography trends and therefore it is very important to discuss your options and possibilities with her before the D-day approaches.

When it is about the latest wedding photography trends Calgary wedding photography has never been far behind. You can find some of the finest creative photographers in Calgary who can help you in describing your love story in the most unique style. As far as the quality of the images goes, you can be assured of getting the best service.

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