The Highest Bail Bonds Set On Celebrities

The Highest Bail Bonds Set On CelebritiesCelebrities always seem to find themselves in trouble with the law. Typically, we hear stories of them driving drunk, causing public disturbances, or taking shots at the paparazzi, so they just post bail for $50,000 or so and continue on with their lucrative careers. However, we seldom hear about celebrities who are released on bail for much more serious crimes. In most cases, crimes fall well short of the $1 million bail bond benchmark. That being said, some rich and famous individuals have found themselves facing some seriously high bail amounts for murder and other heinous felonies. Here is a list of the highest bail bonds set on celebrities, provided by

Chris Paciello

A popular celebrity of the Miami nightlife scene, Chris Paciello turned himself in to Miami-Dade authorities in 2000 after becoming a robbery suspect. Once a popular club owner and restaurateur to celebrities across the city, Paciello’s bail was set at a jaw-dropping $15 million. However, it turns out Paciello was no stranger to posting bail. With years as a New York mobster under his belt, the Staten Island native has five previous charges on his rap sheet, some of which are for murder. Despite his history, he was never convicted.

Rapper Max B

Bail bonds for murder usually come with a $1 million price tag, which is a standard benchmark around most of the country. However, bail is typically set at $1 million per fatality, so in cases involving multiple fatalities, bail can be set much higher. In the case of Max B, a famous Harlem rapper, bail was set at $2 million for a crime he arranged that resulted in the murder of two people in 2006. In the end, Max B was convicted and is now serving 75 years behind bars.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Financial celebrity Dominique Strauss-Kahn recently avoided jail time by posting a staggering $6 million in cash and bonds. Since there is private bail remaining in New York, his wife posted $1 million of the total amount out of her personal funds. Other notables include Dennis Kozloski and Bernie Madoff, who each paid $10 million in order to remain free and go back to business as normal after they were hit with felony fraud charges.

Other Notably High Bail Amounts

While celebrities don’t hold the top spots for the highest bail amounts in history, those that do are notoriously famous. For example, a New York doctor who was convicted of sexually abusing a number of his patients while they were unconscious from anesthesia had his bail set at $33 million. Laying claim to one of the highest bail amounts in history, famous con artist Christian Gerhartsreiter was charged $50 million in a kidnapping case. Rather than being deported to Germany, he is serving out his lengthy sentence on U.S. soil.

In the midst of an onslaught of “Justin Beiber Jailed” headlines, many people believe celebrities are able to get out on bail faster than ordinary people familiar with the system. As history has shown us time and time again, a person’s fame and money do not guarantee they will spend less time in jail than anyone else. While some celebrities may be able to handle the heavy price tag of a high bail, most must still post their bail through a bail bonds company. With more and more celebrities having run-ins with the law, bail bonds companies in Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities have begun catering specifically to celebrity clientele.

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