Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?

Do I Need an Adjustable Height Table?

Adjustable height tables aren’t just for individuals who would rather work standing up for the betterment of their health, they’re ideal for several other individuals as well. An adjustable table is ideal for small children, individuals who are in wheelchairs, and individuals who require walking aids. One of the great things about adjustable height tables […]

4 Simple Ways to Raise Money for Charity Without Leaving Home

4 Simple Ways to Raise Money for Charity Without Leaving Home my time matters blog

Raising money for charity is a great thing to do, and it does not have to be hard work. If you want to help to raise some money for good causes without even having to leave your home, here are a few options that you can consider. 1. Click on Links  ‘Click to Give’ websites are […]

Prevent Illness With Naturopathy

Blue lotus - Meditative scene - Prevent Illness With Naturopathy

In November, reported that “more than 59 million Americans had no health insurance for at least part of 2010, an increase of 4 million from the previous year”. As it turns out, half of America’s uninsured are actually over the poverty line. And in the current economic climate, many are living in survival mode. […]

Corporate America Destroys Passion


During my last fling with Corporate America, I realized about 6 months in that I was done. I was giving up on their whole institution of “work” because of its growing one-way philosophy. The whole ‘you work for us until you can’t take it anymore’ motto is ridiculous. No matter how much it is dressed […]