How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

As business world is becoming more dependent on technology for profitability and growth, presence on internet, social media and on smart phones is now a necessity for businesses. As a growing population across the globe is using smart devices and mobile phones for making their shopping choices, creating a mobile App for business is now […]

Mac vs PC – who is really winning?

Mac vs PC - who is really winning?

6 of the Best New Apps for 2013 (So Far)

whatsapp messanger Flickr image by HostingCoupons

This year is looking to be a prolific time for the world of apps, with tons of great options coming out on a regular basis. With so many apps coming around, you might be confused about which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. But with the following guide, you can make a […]

iExplorer HD [review] for iPhone, also available on iPad

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With iExplorer HD you can virtually travel anywhere and be able to open your files from the comfort of your iPhone/iPad. It is not just the cloud servers like Google Drive, DropBox, Sky Drive, CloudMe, Box, Google Docs and Microsoft Live Mesh that it can access but Windows sharing servers as well. The app is pretty easy to […]