The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job [Infographic]

Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job

Credit: Neomam

Social Media Winter Is Coming [infographic]

social media winter is coming infographic

The Order of the Owls provides the largest travel between the largest houses in the realm. Check out this infographic for further details in your success with social media conquest.

Most Popular Content Management Systems of 2013 [infographic]

most popular content management systems of 2013

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page Using Facebook to promote your business is a very good idea, but you want to be using it right so that you get the maximum benefit from your efforts.  You want to extend your reach and maximize your exposure so that you are constantly gaining new followers because […]

Fresh! 2013 Social Media Stats – Who’s doing what?

fresh! whos doing what on social media statistics 2013


The Value of Social Media for Small Business Development

The Value of Social Media for Small Business Development

Social media isn’t just about catching up with old friends and sharing pictures. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and others offer businesses a cost-effective way to develop and market a brand, attract new clients, and interact with current clients. Regardless of the type of business, chances are that the majority of its current […]

Why We Need the “I Don’t Care” Button on Facebook [Infographic]

why we need i dont care facebook button on facebook

Facebook can be quite an irritating place at times, don’t you think? I am certain you’ve had those times when you were scrolling down through your feed to see nothing but boring, useless posts from people you don’t really like that much anyway. In that sense haven’t you ever wanted to click “dislike” instead of […]

32 Ways Twitter is Affecting Your Work Life

twitter gangsta nickyblog mtmb

Social media is everywhere. Everyone is updated about every detail of your life every second of the day. Some of us are worse than others. Here are a couple of ways Twitter may be interfering with your professional life. 1. Your phone alarm wasn’t set because you were too busy tweeting last night. 2. The […]

Simple yet Effective Strategies to Ensure Online Privacy Protection

social media privacy flagler college gargoyle mtmb

These days, people become all the more pressured to ensure the protection of their online privacy. It is because of the continuous increase in the use of social media such as and in their day-to-day activities. If you don’t become careful with what you post online, like unwittingly attaching unsavory photos of yours […]

Social Media and the Growth of E-Commerce [infographic]

social media ecommerce my time matters blog

{EAV:9e4f3a20c41d1105} Social Media And The Growth Of E-Commerce – infographic Did you know that e-commerce, which already accounts for 8 percent of all retail states in the U.S., is expected to outpace sales growth at brick-and-mortar stores over the next 5 years, reaching an incredible $370 billion by 2017? Social media is playing its part, […]

Infographic: How to optimize your Tweets

social media ninja

I love Twitter. It is elegant in its simplicity. But I remember the steep learning curve of understand the complexities underlying 140-character microblog posts. Beyond content, businesses have to understand the who, when, why, what, how (assuming the where is Twitter) – and it’s difficult to vet all of that. This infographic has made the […]

Do you have a Facebook account for your dog(s)? [infographic]

social networking and mens best friend

Are You Stuck to the Web? – Internet Usage [infographic]

man sitting at the table with laptop

Hello, my name’s Matthew and I’m an internet addict. No, just kidding about being addicted to the web (I hope), but I often wonder what I’d do without it. Even though I strive to maintain a balance between my “online time” and “real world time”, I must admit – every aspect of my life depends […]

Toilet Paper Art [img]

toilet paper art

Unique toilet paper roll art.