You Don’t Need to Empty Your Wallet to Impress Your Date

You Don't Need to Empty Your Wallet to Impress Your Date

The term “date” has recently become synonymous with the word “expensive,” so much so that many of us have opted to not indulge in them at all. We think of the cost of dinner, a movie, drinks, flowers, and other activities that are sure to hurt our wallet. Payday Loan could help you treat your […]

Utopia – The Perfect Government

Utopia - The Perfect Government

In the midst of all this economic crisis and politic corruption I can’t stop wondering, what and how would the perfect government be? A few months ago I read a book by Thomas More called Utopia – he imported this word from the Greek – and the book was all about describing a perfect society […]

Warning: Facebook May Cause Insecurities


Online Dating University and Mashable recently provided a fantastic look into the hidden effects and dangers of Facebook when navigating the landmines of relationships. This is so funny and so true!

Internet Marketing and Business

Internet Marketing and Business

Internet Marketing Basics Let’s discuss Internet Marketing and Why it is very important for any business in this world. In Simple language, Internet marketing also means Web Marketing, Online Marketing, i-marketing or e-marketing. Simply, it is the marketing of products and services on the Internet. Why is Internet Marketing useful? Whether you sell your products […]