How do the startups that offer free web services make money?

How do the startups that offer free web services make money?

Across the Internet you’ll find a huge range of free services, and you’ve probably asked yourself how these companies can possibly be having any success. If you’re giving something away, how can it be making you any money? There are many ways that these companies find success using a wide range of different yet innovative […]

Using Facebook Ads Effectively

Using Facebook Ads Effectively ppc my time matters blog

In March of 2012 Facebook marketing executives launched a variety of new ad products to be used by businesses large and small.  The launch drew the attention of several large companies, including the likes of Tide, Subway, Ben & Jerry’s, and Ford, to name a few.  While the launch encouraged these and other industry giants […]

5 Most Creative Websites of 2013

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Thousands of new websites are created each day across the globe. With literally millions of sites clogging up the net, you need to do something extra special if you want yours to stand out in 2013. Here are 5 of the most creative and inspirational web designs out there: Bagigia Image via If good […]

Simple yet Effective Strategies to Ensure Online Privacy Protection

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These days, people become all the more pressured to ensure the protection of their online privacy. It is because of the continuous increase in the use of social media such as and in their day-to-day activities. If you don’t become careful with what you post online, like unwittingly attaching unsavory photos of yours […]