Ten Must-See Natural Wonders of the World

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Have you made a travel “bucket list” yet? You know, a list of the places you want to visit before your time is up. If you need some ideas, I found a video that might add a few places to that list of “must see” destinations. The only problem is, you won’t find any four […]

Beautiful, bizarre, humorous and dangerous animals

bird fish hunting

  This is what 1.5 million birds looks like   Ancient dinosaur looking fish   This beamer can conquer some intense terrain   Deer fawn … such a cute little thing   Baby dragon   Batman who?   Bear taking it easy   What a colorful bird in such an amazing setting   Get a […]

Blogs are recession proof

Blogs are recession proof

Web Business in a Recession It is now proven that Web businesses are recession proof businesses. This is because in the year 2008 – 09, during the time of recession, all the web businesses grew worldwide despite of the recession. Giant Web Businesses like Google, Amazon, & eBay grew during the same period. While on […]