iExplorer HD [review] for iPhone, also available on iPad

iexplorer hd review my time matters blog iphone ipad

With iExplorer HD you can virtually travel anywhere and be able to open your files from the comfort of your iPhone/iPad. It is not just the cloud servers like Google Drive, DropBox, Sky Drive, CloudMe, Box, Google Docs and Microsoft Live Mesh that it can access but Windows sharing servers as well. The app is pretty easy to […]

WorldPenScan BT – Wireless Portable Pen Scanner and Translator

worldpenscan bt at my time matters blog wireless portable pen scanner and translator

This cool pen scanner works with Mac, Windows and Android devices. You can attach it wireless via bluetooth or use the included USB cable. The WorldPenScan BT works fine as a single line scanner, but the real appeal is in the translation functionality. You can translate between 200 languages, so this gadget could be very […]

Tech Update: The New Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Forget about the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is on its way, expected to be released this Q2 of the year. Even in Germany, Samsung rules the mobile market. Samsung proves to be the global leader in providing top Android mobile lines by beating Apple’s iPhone 5 in terms of patronage. This first quarter […]

Cheaper, better LEDs are inspired by fireflies

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It seems like every week there is another bimimicking technology that is inspired by one insect or another. The iridescence of butterfly wings have inspired holographic solar panel coatings, water strider insects have inspired water-striding robots, bumblebee behavior is inspiring better computers and that’s just scratching the surface. Now, it’s the firefly’s turn. The structure of the firefly’s lantern […]

Camtasia and doubling your affiliate clicks

Camtasia and doubling your affiliate clicks

There is competition no matter which way we look around us. In this period of modern technology it has increased, it is more advanced and includes varied ways of online activities that have developed to further your success. For us to survive, it is important to be empowered with the best solutions for our customers. […]