Latest Productivity Apps You Need To Download

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Looking for the latest productivity apps in 2014’s competitive market is definitely not as difficult as Leonardo Dicaprio looking for his maiden Oscar. In fact, finding apps to suit your lifestyle’s needs and wants have become simpler with the help of this article and the Internet of course. Whether you’re downloading these apps using your […]

How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

How to Develop an Effective Mobile App for Business?

As business world is becoming more dependent on technology for profitability and growth, presence on internet, social media and on smart phones is now a necessity for businesses. As a growing population across the globe is using smart devices and mobile phones for making their shopping choices, creating a mobile App for business is now […]

10 best free eBook reader apps for iPad

10 best free eBook reader apps for iPad

The way in which we access and use written content has undergone a revolution with the advent of Apple’s iPhone, iPad Touch and portable devices. Rather than having to haul around a case full of books from one place to another, we can now lug a very respectable small library about in a device that […]

6 of the Best New Apps for 2013 (So Far)

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This year is looking to be a prolific time for the world of apps, with tons of great options coming out on a regular basis. With so many apps coming around, you might be confused about which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. But with the following guide, you can make a […]

MyGolfLeaderBoard app [review] Golf Leader Board apps

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Are you a golf lover? Then look no further, myGolfLeaderboard is the app you need! MyGolfLeaderboard brings real time scoring to golfers. Now you can watch the leaderboard and see how every player in a match is doing, in real time. It also helps to create new events and form group among friends to play […]