What to Do When Blogging Becomes a Bore

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Remember that initial excitement when you first thought of going into blogging? You had all these wonderful ideas on what you want to write about. You registered your own kickass domain name, got a decent web hosting package, and launched your blogging career. You got furiously busy writing and posting, fixing up your blog theme, […]

5 Most Creative Websites of 2013

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Thousands of new websites are created each day across the globe. With literally millions of sites clogging up the net, you need to do something extra special if you want yours to stand out in 2013. Here are 5 of the most creative and inspirational web designs out there: Bagigia Image via bagigia.com If good […]

How Much Do Stars Get Paid to Tweet [infographic]

How Much Do Stars Get Paid to Tweet infographic my time matters blog

When Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier this week “Pregnancy lips…. @EOS to the rescue! LOL” along with a photo of her using eos lip balm, we couldn’t help but wonder — what’s in it for her, really? EOS clearly benefits from having a high-profile celebrity use their product, but is Kim getting anything in return? Though […]

Ultimate Fishing Guide – Bass Professor for iPhone and Google Play [review]

ultimate fishing guide by bass proffessor

Ultimate Fishing Guide is a brand new collection of tips and tricks for everyone who loves fishing! The app includes a lot of features that gives a clear idea on fishing areas, time and environmental conditions. The app even shows video demonstrations and informative tips so that you never gonna miss a fish in the […]

Enemies of the Internet [infographic]

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The Wonders of “Pay-Per Click”

The Wonders of “Pay-Per Click”

What do you know about the “Pay-Per Click” scheme?  Pay-per Click is a well known advertising strategy that is relatively easy to understand.  Statistics show that roughly there are 300 million searches done at big search engines everyday and that 80% of internet traffic come from all of these searches.  Use this to your advantage […]