4 Ways To Research Your Date

4 Ways To Research Your Date

 On the Internet, you are who you say you are. That’s great for people who people who want to misrepresent themselves online, but not so great for folks really hoping to meet someone they like on a dating site. Online dating has made it exceptionally easy to find and connect with other singles in your […]

Using Facebook Ads Effectively

Using Facebook Ads Effectively ppc my time matters blog

In March of 2012 Facebook marketing executives launched a variety of new ad products to be used by businesses large and small.  The launch drew the attention of several large companies, including the likes of Tide, Subway, Ben & Jerry’s, and Ford, to name a few.  While the launch encouraged these and other industry giants […]

How Much Do Stars Get Paid to Tweet [infographic]

How Much Do Stars Get Paid to Tweet infographic my time matters blog

When Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier this week “Pregnancy lips…. @EOS to the rescue! LOL” along with a photo of her using eos lip balm, we couldn’t help but wonder — what’s in it for her, really? EOS clearly benefits from having a high-profile celebrity use their product, but is Kim getting anything in return? Though […]

Infographic: How to optimize your Tweets

social media ninja

I love Twitter. It is elegant in its simplicity. But I remember the steep learning curve of understand the complexities underlying 140-character microblog posts. Beyond content, businesses have to understand the who, when, why, what, how (assuming the where is Twitter) – and it’s difficult to vet all of that. This infographic has made the […]

Do you have a Facebook account for your dog(s)? [infographic]

social networking and mens best friend

Internet Marketing and Business

Internet Marketing and Business

Internet Marketing Basics Let’s discuss Internet Marketing and Why it is very important for any business in this world. In Simple language, Internet marketing also means Web Marketing, Online Marketing, i-marketing or e-marketing. Simply, it is the marketing of products and services on the Internet. Why is Internet Marketing useful? Whether you sell your products […]