Social Media Winter Is Coming [infographic]

social media winter is coming infographic

The Order of the Owls provides the largest travel between the largest houses in the realm. Check out this infographic for further details in your success with social media conquest.

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page

Advice to Redesign Your Business Facebook Page Using Facebook to promote your business is a very good idea, but you want to be using it right so that you get the maximum benefit from your efforts.  You want to extend your reach and maximize your exposure so that you are constantly gaining new followers because […]

How To Use Myspace To Land A Date

How To Use Myspace To Land A Date

If you were active on social media between 2005 and 2008, then you definitely remember the glory days of Myspace. Ahhh, good old Myspace—the mere mention of the word brings back memories of custom layouts, default pictures, bulletins, and the highly sought after spot on all your friends’ “Top 8.” Myspace was the most-visited website […]

The Value of Social Media for Small Business Development

The Value of Social Media for Small Business Development

Social media isn’t just about catching up with old friends and sharing pictures. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and others offer businesses a cost-effective way to develop and market a brand, attract new clients, and interact with current clients. Regardless of the type of business, chances are that the majority of its current […]

Why We Need the “I Don’t Care” Button on Facebook [Infographic]

why we need i dont care facebook button on facebook

Facebook can be quite an irritating place at times, don’t you think? I am certain you’ve had those times when you were scrolling down through your feed to see nothing but boring, useless posts from people you don’t really like that much anyway. In that sense haven’t you ever wanted to click “dislike” instead of […]

Do you have a Facebook account for your dog(s)? [infographic]

social networking and mens best friend

What will the state of small business look like in 2013?

the state of small business in 2013 at my time matters blog via aweber

I’ve been an avid user of Aweber for many years. Overtime it has evolved and if you’re just starting to get into online marketing – setting up an email opt-in form for your business should be one of  your main priorities.  Emails are still the cellphones of the internet, doesn’t matter what people are saying […]

Is Email Dead? I Don’t Think So!

Is Email Dead? It doesn't look like email is going to die

How do you earn cash online? Or do you? Ideas here!

How do you earn cash online? Or do you? Ideas here!

I have been making money online for a while, and it still amazes me to this day of how many people still don’t realize the potential of this bazzilion dollar industry. The number of ways that one can make money online is such a huge margin that I won’t be able to put it all […]

Warning: Facebook May Cause Insecurities


Online Dating University and Mashable recently provided a fantastic look into the hidden effects and dangers of Facebook when navigating the landmines of relationships. This is so funny and so true!

Targeted Web Traffic leads to Online Success


Importance of Targeted Website Traffic for Online Business Many Internet startups fail because their founders don’t understand the importance of targeted web traffic. If you want to become successful online then you must understand the basics of targeted web traffic. We’ll get to that in a sec. You need two things to make money online […]

8 Low Investment Startup Businesses

8 start up businesses

Top 8 Low Investment Startup Businesses Do you want to start your own Business but don’t have enough capital to start your own Business? Don’t worry. This article will show you 10 low investment startup business ideas that you can begin implementing. Before all else, the best advise that no business school in the world […]

How Do Facebook Applications Make Money?

How Do Facebook Applications Make Money?

How are Facebook Applications making Money? Facebook Applications are great online assets. Many facebook apps generate literally millions of dollars every year for their owners. A Facebook application in itself is a business. Here are the 3 possible ways that FB apps make money: 01) Advertising You can display advertisements on your FB application. However, […]

Facebook Factbook

Visualizing Years of Facebook

Another great image fact sheet on Facebook. More often than not I check my Facebook … it’s like a digital newspaper that you read daily to get a scoop of what your friends are doing.No wonder it’s another huge marketing tool and makes billions of dollars annually. I also noticed that Pirate is a language […]