Toilet Paper Art [img]

toilet paper art

Unique toilet paper roll art.

Artists Let Imaginations Soar in Street Painting Festival

This is an image of a street painting from February 2012. It depicts the characters Beavis and Butthead.

My advice for any city that wants to give its downtown area an instant upgrade and have a lot of fun in the process – hold a street painting festival like Lake Worth, Florida does every year. Just block off a street, offer some cool prizes for the best creations, and then let a bunch […]

Prevent Illness With Naturopathy

Blue lotus - Meditative scene - Prevent Illness With Naturopathy

In November, reported that “more than 59 million Americans had no health insurance for at least part of 2010, an increase of 4 million from the previous year”. As it turns out, half of America’s uninsured are actually over the poverty line. And in the current economic climate, many are living in survival mode. […]

How to Effectively Use Autoresponders to Take Care of Your Customers

How to Effectively Use Autoresponders to Take Care of Your Customers

Ever tire of having to answer a thousand emails in a day and you feel like the long list of emails to respond to are not bound to stop?  Well it is about time you learn about auto responders. When you are in business, your main goal is to be able to answer all your […]

One of the best optical illusions

One of the best optical illusions

New Orleans, USA – For centuries, brilliant artists have painted the naked female form in all its exquisite beauty. But those masterpieces have normally been on canvas; not on the human body itself. But look at the large photograph here and you’ll realize that is exactly what has happened. You are looking not into the […]