What do teens think of email? – Infographic

Infographic teens email answers my time matters blog aweber

Email is a primary means of communication for over one billion people around the world. What does younger generation has to say about it?

What will the state of small business look like in 2013?

the state of small business in 2013 at my time matters blog via aweber

I’ve been an avid user of Aweber for many years. Overtime it has evolved and if you’re just starting to get into online marketing – setting up an email opt-in form for your business should be one of  your main priorities.  Emails are still the cellphones of the internet, doesn’t matter what people are saying […]

Blog Commenting Platforms: The Bad and The Good

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I have been recently debating on the best comment system for My Time Matters Blog. Granted there are only three commonly used ones to pick from … well, five if you include the standard WordPress comment system and Echo – won’t be discussing this one as it’s not free and is still a work in […]