Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Haha, they sure do know how to have a conversation.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Good stuff. From Mac to PC.


  1. Hahaha, very funny! they probably have these conversations without the media there

  2. I was laughing while scrolling down the page. Its really funny.
    Nice post! Surely people will laugh at these two ( flip coin what coin) that's the best part. heheheh

  3. Wen Santos says:

    What the *? I almost fell and my friends are really laughing at this picture. They are planning to share this at the office and let them see how Bill said "what coin" ..
    C'mon please do post more just like this one

  4. Yeah, I'll definitely be posting more Entertainment like this, haha!

  5. Well they can affort to have conversations like that for sure, their money gives them great power, i'm just not so sure they are as responsible as they should be. Still very funny thou, nice one!!

  6. What do you mean about not responsible? I think they are doing well and sharing the wealth, since they want to change a lot of things in this world.

  7. yes, i agree bill gates is donating money worldwide a lot.
    but the conversation is very funny. i like the answer from bill gate when he says 'the bank does'… ha ha

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