Starting Your Own Internet Business Early

How to Start My Own Internet Business?

This Step by step Guide will show you how to start your own Internet Business within Minutes.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

The first step in starting any business requires you to get a real estate. Of course, in starting the Internet Business you will also need a Domain Name. I am talking about the Virtual Real Estate of the Internet – Domain names. Domain Names are the Real Estate of the Internet. And it costs you roughly $ 10 per Domain name. is a reputed website to buy a Domain Name. So first of all go to and look for available domain names in your niche. After that, chose a Domain Name for your new Internet Business and acquire a good name for your Business.

Step 2: Choose a Web Host

This is a server where the data of your website will be hosted. It is known as a Web Host. Once you buy a Domain Name, You need a Web Host to start your own Internet Business. I prefer to have everything in one spot, so I use for both, the domain name and hosting.

Although, is the world’s best Web hosting company. Go to and buy a Web host for yourself. This will cost around $ 10 per month. Yes, this is bit costly for some people if they are just starting out.

Step 3: Connect Your Domain Name with the Web Host

Now you have a Domain Name and a Webhost. So the next step is to connect both of these. I will not be going into technical details with that. You will find more information about this set up on either or websites … or better yet, Google.

Step 4: Install a Website Template

Finally, Install a website/blog template in the Web Host. I prefer WordPress for that.

You Are Done! Your Internet Business is live. You can now post good content on your website/blog and start making some real money from it.

Yes, these 4 steps are really brief, so if you’re not familiar with some of this you’re welcome to check out the related topics below that will explain all these steps in detail.

How to Start a Business at a young age

Recently an avid reader of this blog has asked me a question,

“I am 13 and I want to start a Business at the age of 13. Kindly let me know if there is any legal age limit to start a Business and registering a company at the age of 13? How can I start my own Business at age 13?”

Well, as far as I know you should be at least 18 before you register a legal entity for your Business. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot start your own business before 18. You can start your Business as a hobby even before the age of 18 and once you reach 18, you can register a company and do all the legal formalities.

Say for Example – Blogging. If you want to start a Blog Business and you are below 18, then you cannot register a company but it doesn’t mean that you can’t start blogging as a Business. You can start blogging as a Hobby and later on you can register it as a company on your 18th Birthday.

If you are asking about the type of business to start at this young age, then I recommend starting your own Internet Business.

You can start one of the following online business ventures:

– Blog Business
– Websites
– Articles Directories
– Forums
– Facebook Applications
iPhone Applications
– Online Gaming Business
– eBay Store
– Social Networks
– Online Applications
– Or anything else online …

There are wide varieties of Internet Businesses that you can start from scratch at the age of 13. I always encourage school going kids to start their own Business as early as possible because in the real world there is nothing like a “Job Security”. In fact, Not having your own Business & Investments is a risky thing.

So Start your own Business at the age of 13 and believe me, you will become rich and financially free faster than everyone else in your age group.

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