Some Ways to Attain Peace of Mind and Happiness – Part 1

We talked a lot about the miserable nature of this material world, and how happiness in this world only exists in a fool’s paradise. We also learned how everything is caught up in the chain of karma – “actions and reactions”.

So we can understand that we are all suffering because of our own wrong deeds. We may remember or not, but the root cause of our sufferings is we; ourselves. Now what we did in past cannot be amended, but we should definitely try to purify our current and future actions. To change our habits is anything but easy. For example, a smoker, he may know how smoking can even kill him, but doesn’t matter how hard he tries, he still fails to give up the habit. Similarly, we all are addicted to different habits – wrong or right – since time immemorial and it would be anything but easy to get rid of them. However, we need to start somewhere.

The first step in rectifying our wrong habits would be to acknowledge they are wrong. If we still don’t realise what we are doing may be wrong, there is no point in thinking about amending it. Now there are two different ways in which one can know whether an action is right or wrong. A person who wants to really hear gets his first answer from his own inner voice.  But one who chooses to ignore it never learns and keeps collecting mountain of sins just to cause suffering to other living entities now, and later creates suffering for him.

The second way to determine whether an action is wrong or not, is to see it from a global perspective. If we follow the rules that Good God made for us, they would not have a bad impact on our bodies, our mind, our surroundings and our environment. However, when we start breaking those rules and make our own rules, they are neither good for our health, our consciousness, our mind and our environment. Again, it needs an open mind to accept these facts. If you have faith you will appreciate this all; a biased mind will only look for arguments to defend its wrong actions.

Let’s view some examples. Greed to make money led men to chop down one forest after another and who doesn’t know what terrible effects it has caused and is causing the environment. It was not the nature’s rule, but men did it nevertheless – and now the whole planet along with its inhabitants is paying the price for it. And if this does not stop soon, who knows how much more devastation it can cause. Then come the GMO foods; they are anything but as intended by nature. So much research that’s done on animals already proved how big of a disaster they are and a sharp rise in allergy cases was seen in humans the first year they hit the market. Then comes slaughter houses. This is one thing that can be anything but natural. Our whole next topic would be dedicated to this one topic. So please stay tuned.


  1. Jessica Northey says:

    Great post! thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. Thanks Jessica! I am happy that you liked it :)

  3. Really nice of you to share this guest post with us, Vitaly. Touching!
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  4. Thanks SauL..I am pleased that you found the post inspiring.
    Please stay tuned – there is more to come :)
    thanks and hope to see you again.

  5. That was a very nice and insightful post Preity, I'll make sure to check back in. Great Sunday!
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  6. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own happiness.
    Great article Preity, looking forward to part 2 of your article.
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    • Thanks Anita! I am already working on the part 2 and would be ready very keep checking back. Thanks again for your kind comments.

  7. I've learned a valuable lesson about this Preity… Of course I've been on this self discovery thing for about four years now and I really started understanding it more about three years ago. It was a rude awakening when I realized that everything that has happened to me in my life, were mainly because of my own thoughts. I didn't even realize it because those thoughts have been with me for so long they were just a part of me.

    Changing our thoughts is the hard part but once you get through all of that, man it's so worth it.

    Thanks for sharing this, great post!

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  8. This is a great summary, I found your blog page browsing google for a related subject matter and came to this. I couldnt find to much additional info on this posting, so it was good to discover this one. I will be back to look at some other posts that you have another time.

    • Hi Wii
      It was a pleasure to see you here. What was exact info you were looking for; may be I can help you with exactly what you were looking for. In any case, I am happy that you found the post interesting. And there is more interesting stuff to come, so please do come back.
      thanks a lot

  9. Hugo Martins says:

    I think the problem here is and will always be the fact that most people can't accept what things are wrong and what things are right.

    It is not that they lack the judgement but they rather prefere to create excuses for the things they do in order to attaine peace of mind. They then achieve a misleading piece of mind that makes them rest but truly only makes them run from th truth.
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  10. You have got the point Hugo. People in general want to continue with the things they are doing, trying to totally avoid the thinking that they may be wrong also and that they would be held responsible for their acts.
    When a cat comes to attack a pigeon, the pigeon closes its eyes thinking now that I cannot see the cat I will be saved; but an intelligent person will understand that he is not going to be saved by closing his eyes.
    thanks for your thoughtful comments

  11. Hi,
    nice post, I like it.please post more articles

  12. Religion mostly has rules made up for our well being, but we don't really need religion to tell us how things should be done, all we need to do is think about the people around us and how our actions influence them. If my friend asks for a favor and i don't deliver, will that make her sad? I'll just have to deliver then.
    Don't get me wrong, i am a true christian, but i believe even atheists can be good people and receive good in return.
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    • Hi Lynn
      Thanks for stopping by. People have different defintions on religion, but in Hinudism the meaning of the word religion is "code of conduct". Every action that we can imagine doing is mentioned in our books and also it makes us know, that this action would be desirable or not, or what reactions it will bring to us. Religion is much broader than we think.
      When you talk about helping a friend in need, the religious books we have certainly talk about that action also. They are all inclusive.
      I have studied Holy Bible a little, but not that extensively, so I cannot claim what is written in that, but as far as eastern scriptures are concerned, they talk about law of Karma. So whether it is a theist or atheist, if he does good, good will come to him and if he does bad, he will have to fact the bad reactions.
      The difference between a theist and atheist would lie in their realization of God and not their karma. Karma are equal for everyone.

  13. Hi Preity,

    It's true that i wrote the above comment with Christianity in mind, foolishly ignoring other important religions. That's because i've never had direct contact with them, i only know what i see on tv. But i have to admit, religions like Hinduism sound more sane and down to earth.
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    • Hi Lynn
      Glad to hear back from you. I respect all religions from my all religions teach but one thing..Love for God…
      it might be that the paths mentioned may sound a little different, but they certainly lead to same destination. I have utmost respect for Christianity, because they also preach love of God.
      However, eastern scriptures have given all info that may be needed to survive in this world as well as attain higher desitnations after that.
      If you talk about healthy living, we have ayurveda
      if you talk about architecture, there is vastu sastra
      if you talk about art of music, we have gandharva veda
      if you talk about all inclusive knowledge we have Srimad Bhagavad Geeta
      and if you talk about Pure love for God, then we have Srimad Bhagvatam

      It was really nice to hear from you and I really hope to hear from you more often :)
      thanks Lynn

      • I've been reading a lot about ayurveda over the years … it is fascinating. Although, these other concepts are fascinating and with time I'd love to lean more about them in depth.
        This is definitely knowledgeable information and I am always looking forward to more of your articles Preity!

  14. What I realised a few years ago, well actually I only realized it after reading into self improvement, that the reason why I was where I was is because of all the decisions I made upto that point in my life. Every decision made and every decision avoided has concequenses and many out there forget that. Nice article anyway.
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