Seven Signs Reading Glasses Would be a Good Addition to a Wardrobe

Seven Signs Reading Glasses Would be a Good Addition to a WardrobeVision frequently declines as people get older, and it is not uncommon to need glasses. Reading glasses for men age 40 and up may be a good way to combat weakening eyesight. There are some tell-tale signs that indicate eyesight is deteriorating, in case there are any doubts.  Fortunately a new pair of eyeglasses can clear things up right away.

Holding Books and Menus Far From the Eyes

If the words in books and menus become clearer when held further away, or if one’s arms seem to be getting shorter, spectacles are pretty inevitable.  Younger eyes can usually focus on small details, like printed words, with greater ease.  As people age, the lenses insides their eyes become less flexible and lose their elasticity. This makes it harder for eyes to shift from focusing on objects far away to ones that are near. The loss of near vision focusing ability is called presbyopia.

Frequent Headaches

Reoccurring headaches are another indication spectacles may be very beneficial. Eyes that are straining to focus and overcompensate for poor vision can trigger headaches. As people get older, they may require more light to see when they read and do other things. Insufficient lighting can also increase the probability of headaches. A new pair of full or half frame spectacles can help alleviate this uncomfortable problem.


A common symptom of people who need eyeglasses is a tendency to squint. Squinting can help the pupils decrease in size and let in less light; this may make it easier for eyes to focus on words. Squinting is not believed to damage vision, but doing it for prolonged periods of time can increase the likelihood of headaches. Why not stop squinting and go pick out some cool new reading glasses instead?  They are even available in tinted versions with UV protection that can be worn when reading outdoors on sunny days.

Difficulty With Fine Motor Activities

Activities that require a lot of visual focus including sewing, working at a computer, and making art projects can become increasing challenging if vision declines. Wearing spectacles can help alleviate eye strain and fatigue when participating in these activities.

Problems Seeing at Night

Trouble seeing after dark is another indication one’s eyesight may be declining. The glare of lights while driving may be particularly bad at night.  

Preference for Large Print

Is it easier to read words in large print?  If the answer is yes, it’s a pretty clear that a pair of eyeglasses would be beneficial.  Once they are purchased, it should be a snap to read this fine print. 

Failing an Eye Exam

The most accurate way to determine if spectacles are needed is have an optometrist administer an eye test.  If the results indicate vision problems, a prescription can be written on the spot.  An updated prescription is needed to order eyeglasses on the web.  Be sure to triple-check all the numbers when entering the information in the online order form, and then sit back and wait for the package.

When experiencing one or more of these signs, it is a good idea to consider getting reading glasses.  They can improve quality of life, and help make reading and other pursuits enjoyable again.

Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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