Save Commodities not Money

Don’t Save Money, Save Commodities

You must have heard the age old Financial advise – “Save Money”. But unfortunately this financial advice is no longer effective to ensure any kind of financial success in your life.

I know that after reading this you might be scared or get angry with me. But I am telling you the Truth. Saving Money is no longer a recommended financial advice. In fact, this financial advice may hurt you if you follow it strictly and rigidly like your parents.

This is because the governments and central banks from all around the world are printing literally trillions of dollars and pushing it into the economy. And this newly printed money is diluting the purchasing power of the existing money in the economy.

So this means that … today if you save money then you are a fool because whenever the government and central banks print new money, the purchasing power of your money gets diluted. Then why save something if its value goes down day by day?

The new Financial Advice is – Save Commodities

“Save Gold, Silver & Oil” is the New Financial Advice.

That’s because whenever the governments from all around the world print new money in the economy, the prices of these commodities go up … which will preserve your purchasing power.

Remember, money is the unit of purchasing power. You Invest money so that you can maintain and grow your purchasing power.

Why Save Money was the effective Financial Advise Previously?

Well, before 1971, USA and other countries of the world were following the Gold Standard. Meanining our money was backed by gold. And that’s why Saving Money meant saving gold before 1971. But after 1971, President Nixon of USA has removed the gold standard and the dollar became free float currency and followed by this move, other countries have also removed their gold standards.

Therefore, the Modern money is not the money in its true sense. It is the Currency in the true sense. It means that Governments can print and absorb as much money as they want according to the need of economy and businesses. The Modern money is a piece of paper only without having any intrinsic value.

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