Rich Business Ideas and Investments

What are some Rich Business Ideas? How to find a Million Dollar Business Idea? How to think like Billionaires? Well, here are some Billion Dollar Businesses.

– Reliance
– Google
– Yahoo
– Facebook
– Amazon
– Dell
– HP

Well, these are just the few examples. There are literally more than thousand billion dollar businesses in the world. So What made these Businesses Billion dollar Businesses?  Most of the people think that to become a billionaire you have to find some extra ordinary business idea.

However, this is not true. To develop a Billion Dollar Business, you don’t need some creative business idea. You just need to do one thing and that is … Develop a Successful Business and take it to the public.

Well, Yes. The secret of any Billionaire Business Idea is … you develop a Business in any Industry and later on take that Business to the Public.

By Taking your Business to the public, you are increasing your chances of becoming a billionaire by several hundred folds. There is only one similarity between all billion dollar businesses in the world, and that is that they are publically listed.

Taking your Business to the public is all about creating new wealth in the economy. It’s all about creating Investments in the economy that millions of people want to invest into. It is all about printing your own money legally.

That being said, Develop any Business that you like. But Never forget to take that Business to the public if you want to become extremely wealthy.

Rich Investments: What are the things that Rich Invest In?

You must want to know what investments Rich make, right?

Well, the first and most favorite Investment for Millionaires is to “Investment in their Own Business”.

Rich love to Invest in their own Businesses first. In fact, that is the reason they are billionaires. They keep re-investing the profits of their businesses to grow them even more. And this is why over the time their Businesses become Giant sized Businesses.

Any Billionaire in this world gives first priority of Investment to his/her own Business. This is the basic characteristic of a Billionaire. What Most people do? Well, they don’t trust themselves and they invest in someone else’s Business by buying stocks. But Billionaires are different. They don’t do this.

Another thing that Rich love to Invest in, is … Investing in other profitable Businesses. They do it by buying a large chunk of shares in other Businesses. Almost all Billionaires have acquired a large chunk of shares in several other profitable Businesses. That’s because they love Businesses and that’s why they invest primarily in Businesses only.

Now, Rich also do some exotic investments, such as:

– Private Jet
– Country Clubs
– Antiques
– Art
– Vintage Cars
– Sports Teams
– Royal Properties
– And Many many more investments…

This depends on their hobby of choice of course. But the primary investment of Rich is a Business.

Rich Trust Fund Babies

What is Trust Fund Baby? Well, in Simple language, A trust fund baby is a person who is born into a family with money. Often, this person is attached to a large inheritance of money, generally through a trust fund. The phrase became popular with the emergence of wealthy American families in the 20th century, and the rise of a generation of children born into inherited money.

Why the word “Trust Fund Baby” Became a Popular?

The term is most notably used to describe 21st century socialites like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, born respectively into the fortunes of the Hilton Hotel Empire and the earnings of father Lionel Ritchie.

Paris Hilton is a trust fund baby. The trust fund baby, however, may fall into the trap of early wealth and big city life. Like Paris Hilton, this kind of trust fund baby is equally loved and hated by the media and the population. Often described as spoiled and lazy, the person may not be very tune with the life lived by the people around them, sensitive to the feelings of the helpers and workers who make their comfort possible, or possessing of an ability to handle a job or a level of independence.

Nicole Richie’s baby girl Harlow Madden is a trust fund baby, literally. Her grandpa Lionel Richie has wasted no time in preparing for her future.
He has set up a trust fund for Harlow worth $5 million. In addition to that, Joel Madden has set up a seven-figure trust for Harlow as well. Not bad for an infant.


  1. Stephen Brown says:

    What a great read, loved relating to Paris Hilton as a trust fund baby, there are so many ways to be involved in the business world at the moment one of them being private equity it's definately worth a look

  2. Yeah I know, thanks for the comment Stephen

  3. I agree to that,Because Facebook gets a lot of investors because it is public.
    My recent post Finlandia-Group: rahastosäästäminen on turvallinen tapa vaurastua updated Mon Jan 30 2012 …

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