Palm, Psychic, and Tarol Readings: What Does Each Offer?

Sometimes in life, we all want a little divine direction to tell us where our lives are headed. While some turn to their omnipotent being, others seek the help of a medium such as those that provide palm, psychic, and tarot card readings. However, knowing the difference between these three types of readings and what each has to offer can often be a little tricky:

Palm Readings

Contrary to popular belief, palm readers do not rely on clairvoyance and instead on the lines within your palm to give you a reading, and they are surprisingly accurate. Who would have ever known that your palm could tell so much about you. While you can purchase books that offer great insight into the lines on your palm and what they mean in relation to you, actually visiting a professional palm reader can provide a much more accurate reading. These individuals have studied the lines of palms for years and can pick up on the tiniest idiosyncrasies that you would have otherwise missed.

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading would involve a clairvoyant who would not use any tools to provide a reading. They simply rely on their higher self. There are a wide range of psychic abilities, and you will find that some are only proclaiming to be clairvoyant and really have no real ability. Most true clairvoyants will offer free psychic readings to first time visitors because they are firm believers in their beliefs.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readers may be both clairvoyant and not clairvoyant, and there are actually two types of tarot card readings: psychic tarot card readers and rote memory tarot card readers. The former relies on the tarot cards as a focusing tool, and use their higher self to give you an actual reading. The latter relies solely on what is shown in the card – much like a palm reader relies solely on what lines of the palm are shown. Either can be accurate and simply relies on the preference of the person having the reading conducted.

Receiving advice or predictions via palm, tarot card, or psychic readings are a great way to obtain insight; however, users should always review any reader before visiting. Readers have been known to falsify their credentials giving not only poor advice, but also harming the well being of the person whom is having the reading conducted.


  1. I've always heard that if you visit someone who is a palm reader and the color of their palm on their sign is red then they aren't legit. Is that true or do you know?

    I've had my palm read once, I had a guy read my tarot cards last year and have visited with several psychics in the past. In all honesty! None of what they said has come true so not quite sure the legitimacy of any of them. But, I have also learned that circumstances can change so that anything can end up being different at any give time. Or so I've heard.

    Interesting and enjoyed the post. A subject I definitely like.
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    • Hey Adrienne, nice to see you, I hope you saw my tweet.
      I've never actually been to any of those types of readings, but on the other hand I've heard various accuracy leads. Totally got to agree with you on the fact that circumstances do change, and the future is altered at any given time.
      I enjoy this kind of stuff myself … thank you for your comment, tweet, etc.! Adrienne.

  2. I have been to all three. The last one I went to was a palm reader who predicted that my fiance and I would live a long and happy life together and I would have no serious tragedies in my life. She said that I would have 2-3 children including twins. She said that my husband and I would never be very wealthy but we wouldn't have to worry about money.

    That was good enough for me. I stopped going to anyone else and don't play the lottery. I want her predictions to be true. There have been times in my life since the reading where I was pretty close to personal tragedy and her prediction was just about all I had to hang on to.

    So far her predictions have all come true (including the twins part). I'm hoping she's correct on all the rest of it!

    Love this, thanks for sharing.
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    • Ohh wow, that's crazy on how accurate your readings were Carolyn. Hope all and more come true!
      Curiosity got me thinking … and I might have to look into some readings, just so I can see for myself.
      Always a pleasure seeing you here Carolyn.

  3. Franziska San Pedro says:

    I know that all answers lie within myself. Whatever happens in my life is because of my actions and thoughts. Most people don't understand their future but everything seems to make sense and falls into place when they're looking into the past.
    When you accept your past and understand that you were the one creating it, you will find it easy to look into the future. I don't believe in coincidence. If you don't believe in clairvoyance then the reader won't read the truth anyways (I think it's easier to understand the palm reading because it's visible and can be explained, whereas card reading seems a little spooky).
    Loved reading it!

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress
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    • So cool. Thanks for your insightful comment Franziska. You've made a great point when you said "When you accept your past and understand that you were the one creating it, you will find it easy to look into the future". That's powerful.

    • Wow, I agree with Vitaly. What a powerful comment. Finding out your future might be a double edged sword. The knowledge may give you comfort (as it did with me) or may haunt you. But Franziska, you're correct, no matter what the future holds, accepting it with peace and living your own life is what's important.
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  4. I've been thinking about going to get a reading done on myself and never knew what kind of reading I should get conducted on me. Never get around to actually doing it though. Thanks for differentiating and giving the heads up about reviewing the readers first before diving into it! I never even knew there was a such a difference between the readings. Good to know!
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  5. Palm readings are the closest to the truth, since they read what's already there, something we can actually see. I'd throw in psychic readings placed on second because i do believe there are higher powers out there, and maybe some people can tap into them more easily than others.
    The tarot readings… those are very vague, you need to interpret those cards, but the final result depends on the reader that's only human and can make mistakes.
    However, i'm not a fan of these things, i like to rely on myself when we talk about my future.
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    • Yeah, in the earlier comment Franziska said "Whatever happens in my life is because of my actions and thoughts". That's how I feel when it comes to readings and truly believing and understanding the concept. Although most of us are intertwined with energies and it's good to get a second hand perspective from a reader. Just a creatively spiritual insight so to say … can't be too bad. Interesting, nevertheless. Thanks for your comment Michael, and don't be a stranger.

  6. So what would an example be of palm reading? What kind of information is stored in the palms of my hands? I don't understand how you can get any meaning out of the lines of someone hands, without clairvoyance.
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  7. bluescharp says:

    I think Palm Reading comes from China, isn't it?
    I'm a fan of tarot. My horoscope from Tarot seems to be the most accurate.

    Thanks for your post.
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  8. As a professional intuitive coach/consultant, empath, and psychic medium, I can tell you that this blog post is somewhat to mostly correct in its description of the difference between Palm, Psychic, and Tarot card readings.

    I have to say that I completely disagree with this blog post author's choice of the word "medium" to describe someone that can provide one or more of these services. Mainly because this is not entirely accurate. Mediums can communicate directly or indirectly (via angels, higher self, or guides) with those who have passed into spirit and are beyond this plane of existence. All mediums are psychic. However, not all psychics are mediums.

    There are many clairvoyant senses. And to some degree, everyone is intuitive or psychic. I believe that anyone who practices divination by palm reading or tarot card reading is opening up to higher information. Therefore, to say that only palm readers read palms and tarot readers read cards and neither engage any of their clairvoyant senses is not entirely accurate. Seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing and even smelling or tasting beyond what is directly in front of me are the ways in which I, as a sitter, will engage and interpret for a client, or sittee. It's like when you're doing something and a random word or song pops into your head and it's something that your deceased father used to say or his favorite song…you are connecting with him in that very moment. How could you disregard it?

    I can't say I agree with the statement about clairvoyants giving away sessions for free. To me, and this is my opinion, if someone believes in their talent to the point that they will sacrifice their own prosperity and rob someone else of receiving theirs to justify the validity of their "abilities", they don't understand the value of what they can do. It's backwards thinking.

    Too long have we lived in a world stuck in that "dharma should be free" mentality.

    Definitely follow your gut when you see a reader or psychic. If something feels out of place when you're with the reader, that's probably your intuition telling you something isn't right.

    100% of my intuitive consulting business is word-of-mouth advertisement. People talk if there's a good psychic in town. Hopefully there are where you live. My website is if you'd like to learn more about what I do.

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  9. Thank you, my dear friend. I believe the same of you. 😉

  10. I've been all three. The last thing I did was palm reader, that my fiance and I would live long and happy life together, and I would say no serious accidents in my life. She said I would be 2-3 children, including twins. She said that my husband and I have never wanted a rich, but we do not have to worry about money.

  11. Hi, well this was an interesting read. I've never been to any of the above, but I want to believe there are people out there who have developed their sixth or seventh sense and can really tell certain things about people and their futures. Unfortunately I think there aren't as many of these special people as there are those who make a living as frauds who give them selves out as clairvoyants and palm readers. I hope my life will steer me to a real fortune teller one day, but I won't go looking for them among all the fakes. Thanks for clarifying the differences between these three "professions"! Have a happy new year!

  12. I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums recently. Some are really informative some are entertaining and some are a real crack up. I’ve got to admit it, great job on this blog, I’ll be sure to check back from time to time

  13. Your overview is pretty accurate, in my opinion :) my favourite to work with is tarot.



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