Network Marketing Opportunities

Network Marketing Opportunities

Many people ask me about Network Marketing opportunities. Now, those who don’t know anything about Network marketing …. What is Network marketing and how does it work?

Many Companies offer Network marketing opportunities to individuals.

According to Wikipedia,
“Network marketing is a general term for a type of marketing that is usually performed by an individual instead of a company. It refers to the use of interpersonal or social networks to market products and services for business purposes as opposed to the more traditional and common practices of wide-range advertising.
The term is technically a type of marketing that can be used as part of an overall marketing strategy which may or may not encompass multiple tactics. For example, the most common marketing tactic in a network marketing strategy is word of mouth”

Many companies tell people that you can start your own Network marketing Business. This takes hard work but once it’s done you’re good to go. Because once you hire people under you, this system will work forever and make you unlimited cash every month.

But if you ask me, Network marketing can be a good money making opportunity but I don’t consider it a Business opportunity. In fact, I don’t consider Network marketing a Business at all.

That’s because in a Business, you have some kind of Asset and that asset will make money for you. Now, many companies claim that your distributor network is your main Asset. Well, I do agree with it but still it’s not a Business because you don’t have any control over the system.

So I call Network Marketing a job rather than a Business. If you want to earn some cash or want to experience on how to sell products then network marketing is a great way to learn this skill. But please don’t consider it as a Business.

Network marketing is a Business for the Company who set this system up and it makes you work for those commissions. But it is not your Business. It can be your Business only when you own a Network marketing System.

Website Marketing

Website Marketing: How & Why to do it?

I know several people who own their website business. But when it comes to spending money behind website marketing, they argue that, “I am selling a quality product so I don’t need marketing”, “Quality doesn’t require Marketing” and so on …

Honestly, these are only excuses. Even the quality products require marketing. The basic principle behind marketing is to spread your word to several people at a time.

Marketing increases your product awareness. If no one knows that you are running a website business and selling something via it, how will they buy it from you? The more marketing you do, the more people will come to know about your website and thus the more money you will make. It is that simple.

Spending money behind marketing is an Investment. Investment in your Brand Value. It will pay you in the long run.

Here are few ways that you can Market your stuff for FREE –

– Twitter
– Orkut
– Facebook
– Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reditt
– Articles Marketing
– SEO & Keywords targeting

Here are  ways of paid website marketing –

– Paid Reviews
– Google AdWords
– Hiring a Professional Internet Marketer
– Offline (News Papers, Radios, TV Channels, Local Magazines … etc … )

Sooo …. Above are some various ways to market your website business very well. Remember, the more eyeballs you attract towards your product, service or business, the more money you will make.

Working Online

Working Online versus owning an Online Business

Most people in this world prefer to work online rather than starting an Online Business out of Scratch, people prefer to do some kind of online job or freelancing work. That’s because making some quick cash by working online is very easy. You just go to job marketplaces like & and find some work and make money online.

Starting an Online Business out of Scratch requires hours and hours of mind work per day for years and after 2-3 years, it starts throwing sufficient Income that can cover all of your expenses. While in a case of finding a job and working online, you earn money from the first month and you can cover all of your basic monthly expenses.

And that’s why most people prefer to work online rather than starting their own Business out of scratch. Then what is the difference between working online and starting your own Online Business? If developing a profitable online business requires this much hard work then why do people around the world do this rather than doing some online job?

Well, the main difference between these types of income is that Working Online is an Active Income source while Online Business is a Passive Income source. So what? After all both types of income make money, so why not go for the working online method which is relatively easy?

The only problem with Active Income is that you have to work hard every month for the rest of your life to get paid. Suppose today if you stop working, then you will lose that entire income stream. While in case of Passive Income (Online Business Income), you have to work hard at once to develop that Income source. Once you develop this Income source, your job is over. After that whether you work or not, that Income will keep flowing into your bank accounts for the rest of your life.

To develop an online business you have to work hard at once to develop a successful business out of scratch. Once your Business achieve is sufficient in size, you can hire employees and managers to run it even without your presence.

So Developing an Online Business is rewarding in the long run rather than working online.


  1. After developing an online business successfully, definitely Income will keep flowing into your bank accounts, but due to high competition, you will also need to provide up to date information/services to your website visitors. however it could be made easy if you higher some employees to do the job as you said in the post.

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