Mytimemattersblog Under New Ownership

Hi, My name is Justin Dunlap and I will be your blog owner for the duration of your stay.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there haven’t been as many posts in the past week or so.  The reason for that is Mytimemattersblog is now under new ownership of yet another outstanding individual with the same goals and dreams for Mytimemattersblog as the original owner.  The site will have the same alluring look and feel that it always has.  There will of course be some changes made as no two people operate entirely alike.  Though, the main noticeable difference is that the positive energy that’s always driven this site onwards will be coming from another source.  All the content posted thus far will remain carefully in place and anyone can feel free to look back at the invaluable wealth of information carefully tailored to form the roots of an incredible idea followed by many.  That idea being stated quite simply in the About page is “My Time is Your Time”.

Speaking of About pages, you can see a quick bio of me at

In the days to come, be sure to look for more worthwhile content.  And as always, enjoy!

With that, here’s one quick thought to leave you with:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there”

― George Harrison



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