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How to Make Money from Your Blog?

The sad truth is this – if you want to start blogging only for money making purposes then honestly speaking it won’t work, since blogging requires hours and hours of daily hard work (mostly mental).

Then how are all these bloggers around the world are making money from their Blogs? Well, it’s because all profitable bloggers from all around the world are passionate about what we blog.

Yes, Passion is the key to profitable Blogging. If you are not passionate about something, then you cannot profit from blogging … or at least make it your full time job. And if you want to make tons of money from your blog then you have to figure out your passion and start a blog in that Niche … otherwise you will never make money from your blog, except for pocket change at its best.

How to find your passion and start a blog in that niche? Well, it’s very simple. Ask yourself a simple question. Ask yourself – what do you want to do for the rest of your life even if you are not getting paid? Whatever the answer that comes to mind is your passion … so start a blog around your passion and believe me … you will never fail in blogging business.

That being said, there are several ways to make money from a blog.

Here are 3 broad ways to make money from your blog:

01) Sell Advertisements – Google AdSense is the best program to start making money from your blog. AdSense works best on Content websites.

02) Sell your own Stuff – You can launch a shopping cart on your blog and sell anything you’d like.

03) Sell other people’s Stuff (Affiliate Marketing) – is the best program to start. If you are not creative, as in creating your own product, then you can still make money by selling other people’s products … this is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Are you a beginner and want to start your own Blog? And you don’t know anything on How to Blog? I mean as many internet marketers claim that after buying their product, you will start making money from your blog right away or within 24 hours. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to blogs. It will require lots of Patience and hard work to make money from your Blog. However, this hard work is one task only. Once you complete this hard work, your job is over. The money will flow residually (Passively) in your bank accounts for the rest of your life with minimal effort.

If you’re not a technical person and still want to start a Blog Business, then start at (there are tons of other great services out there). Blogger is a free blogging platform based off of Google. You can easily access your blogger account with your Gmail user name and password. You can start your own blog within minutes.

Although, WordPress is a better option than Blogger … but it is for somewhat advanced users of the Internet and requires knowledge of C-Panel & Hosting.

Now, once you create your blog on a Blogspot platform, don’t do anything other than start posting on it vigorously. Say 5-10 posts a Day. I know that initially you will find it very difficult, but once you develop a habit, you will be fine with this kind of habit.

What matters in the Online world is the Size of the Content. The more Content you own, the more web traffic it will attract and more money will flow into your bank accounts. It’s that easy.

In order to make a lot of money … say 6 figure income every year from your blog, you MUST become a Huge Content Owner … say for Example, 10,000 to 25,000 Articles or even more. Remember, the Content is like the Real Estate, the more content you own, the more money you will make. It’s that simple.

That’s why it’s recommended for beginners to start posting vigorously without failing from the day you create your blog.


  1. Didar Singh says:

    This is great information being shared! Thanks alot for sharing it has been very useful.

  2. Thanks I appreciate it. A thousand bucks a week is not bad at all for someone who is 17. Remember folks traffic = money.
    My recent post Bunch of Ways to Make Money online without spending a Dime

  3. Thomas Cross says:

    Nice blog!! i also know a very good site for How to make money

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