Media Training For Your Legal PR Campaign

Media Training For Your Legal PR Campaign

Media interviews are geared towards business owners and operators. An interview can be messed up by even the most confident spokesperson if it is not planned properly. Media training from Black Letter PR can be of great importance to a business as well as a potential investment in the company itself. There are ways in which you can ace a media interview and make a great impression of your company and yourself the next time you have one to do. You can decide beforehand, what results you would like to see and what key messages you are trying to impart to the media. The best way to ensure that you, and not the journalist control the interview, is to plan ahead and know your goals for the interview.


During the interview process, if it is just a question and answer session. Then, the journalist will ultimately have the control. But with proper planning and deciding exactly what you want them to relay, you will be in control. You have to select the questions that you would like answered and not wait for the interviewer to ask. They may not ask it, then it will not get answered. You can answer questions about what matters in your company, important issues that were, or are being addressed, and other simple questions that are easily answered, that will not be misconstrued after the interview is complete.

You can try at all cost to avoid questions that are too technical. With these answers, come the possibility of it being misinterpreted. Provide simple answers and do not include any jargons. A good guide for a media interview is to stick to the questions that are asked by the interviewer and know exactly what you want to say. Try your best not to volunteer information, know exactly what you want to say, and be exact with it. More information is not necessarily better. Answer briefly without long-winded answers. Make the person doing the interview choose what to use and what to omit.

You can indicate the answers that you don’t know. There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t know. Never say “no comment’ during a media interview. Saying this will make it look as if there is something to hide. Repeating negative questions can also have a negative impact on your interview and you have ensure that you have facts to back up your points. If all else fails, then sign up with a trusted legal PR company to get the media training that you will need from experts.

Black Letter PR is the best firm to do your media training. They are able to liaise with journalists and companies to get the best out of a media interview. Their expertise can be utilized in the preparation for the actual interview. They will help you to see to it that the information that is disseminated will not harm your company in any way, but promote it positively.

Instead of waiting for the media to contact you before the interview and finding you unprepared, consult Black Letter PR and get the training you need to ace that interview.

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