Making your Home more Festive with Window Treatments

I live for the holidays and love to decorate in a way that brings every special day to life so I can fully enjoy the season. One of the ways in which I make each holiday special is with my home decor. Opting to change out my curtains for each holiday has earned me numerous compliments from friends and family. My house is a favorite gathering place as its festive atmosphere goes beyond a few trinkets placed here and there. I’ve found that seasonal curtains have made a vast difference in the feel of my home.

Making your Home more Festive with Window TreatmentsAs the winter holidays approach, I look for window dressings that not only match the theme and colors I love, but also provide the added benefit of helping keep my house cozy. Thermal drapes in festive prints are perfect for Christmas. For Thanksgiving, those gorgeous Autumn colors in a heavy panel not only help bring the spirit of the day into play, but they also work to keep the chill out. It lightens more than just the room when Spring approaches and I put away the heavier drapes to replace them with pastel Easter window dressings in a gauzy material. The whole atmosphere of my home changes; the sunlight floods into the room and the house goes instantly from that cozy Christmas spirit to fresh as Springtime.

I have to make sure that my curtain rods are the right type and weight to bear the burden of the curtain I’ll be placing on them, so I keep a few styles around to match the different styles of window treatments I use.

It’s a remarkably budget friendly way to make a big difference in the way your home looks. I keep a cupboard dedicated to drapery and love to change them out to bring a unique look and feel to the rooms in which I entertain during the holidays.  Reversible curtains made it even better, as they can be enjoyed from both inside and out, and if I get tired of one side, I just flip them for a different tone or texture. It feels like I get two for the price of one, and I’m a girl who loves a bargain!  I also think ahead and shop out of season to get the best deals.

The areas where I change window coverings for every holiday are the kitchen, dining and living rooms, and the guest bathroom. I have even found some great shower curtains that match or compliment the window covering to create a complete look in the bathroom.

I adore all of the holidays! I love to entertain and part of my secret to hosting a wonderful holiday party is that I get so into decorating my home at a basic level and beyond. People might guess that I’ve spent a fortune to make my home look this way, but it’s really the simple, tasteful ways that make all the difference in bringing holiday cheer to those who live or visit here.  Look beyond the knickknacks that always appear so temporary or the garland draped around and change your curtains to seasonal colors and patterns. It’s a wonderful way to bring the holiday spirit in your home to a whole new level.

This article was written by Elizabeth Stone.

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