Latest Productivity Apps You Need To Download

Latest Productivity Apps You Need To Download Looking for the latest productivity apps in 2014’s competitive market is definitely not as difficult as Leonardo Dicaprio looking for his maiden Oscar. In fact, finding apps to suit your lifestyle’s needs and wants have become simpler with the help of this article and the Internet of course. Whether you’re downloading these apps using your unfailing Myport Wi-Fi service or ‘borrowing’ some of your friend’s own data, productivity apps have never been more efficient and well, productive. Here are four superior productivity apps to launch your 2014 endeavours on the right note:

1. Sociidot

If you’re eager to stop daydreaming your life away and are determined to start achieving greatness, Sociidot is an app ready for your plans. After your free download on iTunes or other app stores, you begin by documenting the story you want to unfold for your life, or a goal. Once you’ve completed the story, you start to plan out the steps you need to make it happen by adding photos and sentences that will motivate you. However, if you’re feeling down on the dumps, don’t worry. Users can invite their friends along the way as figures of encouragement, obtain comprehensive suggestions from similar communities and discover other empowering stories and ideas.

2. RescueTime- Time Tracking

Not knowing where your 24 hours has diminished to can be a miserable experience, especially when you have copious deadlines to complete. However, thanks to RescueTime, the app states where your website time is spent, analyses your productivity and alerts you of goals that need to be managed. RescueTime is compatible for Androids 2.1 and later with a small file size of 756k. Functioning from the background of your laptop or mobile device it can also warn you if you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for 30-minutes or longer than the regulated time. Looks like you’re going to have to ‘keep up’ with a Kardashian after all your deadlines are met!


‘To Do Lists’ have never been so entertaining and addictive with CARROT. At a cost of $1.99, CARROT is your very own personal taskmaster and virtual pet, cheering you on to finish tasks in an active and creative way. Start your day with a lovely message from CARROT that says “Hello, lazy human. I am your new taskmaster.” You complete a series of tasks during the day with CARROT keeping your mind and soul stimulated through different games and challenges. One thing you never ever want to do however, is upset CARROT. Disappoint CARROT and you don’t only get humiliated via your own social media page, you also have to accomplish more missions! Make CARROT happy though, and attain over 400 unique awards. Take care of your daily tasks and CARROT will take care of you!

4. Asana

Compatible for iPhones, iOs 5.0 or later, Asana is the perfect app for users working on collaborative business projects. Asana is a meticulous project management platform and job- management app that supports a team of five people to a free account. Other features include adding due dates, allocating tasks and sub-tasks, creating tags and posting media. With Asana, there are no more elaborate justifications and excuses a team member can say as each task is precisely monitored to the due date!

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