Latest Gadgets to Increase Office Communication

Livescribe Echo SmartpenDid you know that the right telecommunications systems can potentially increase productivity, heighten business efficiency and save you money long-term? It’s possible with the right equipment and systems tailored to suit your business. At Com2 we are driven by our passion to provide high-quality telecommunication solutions to all our clients across all industries. Have a look at some of the latest gadgets helping businesses everywhere gain traction on the road to success.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Imagine being able to write and listen attentively at the same time. This advanced pen allows you to do just that! Take notes in that big business meeting or corporate event and record audio while you’re at it, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen means you never miss a beat. Share your interactive notes with your digital devices such as your tablet, phone or PC. It even has a tiny display so you can use it easily and efficiently.

LaCie’s Hub4 USB 3.0

Are you still wasting time waiting for those old USB 2 ports to transfer data across to your phone, laptop or iPad? The LaCie Hub4 USB 3.0 offers a unique advantage over other USB hub ports. For a start, the device is completely portable, so you can keep it with you for those urgent file transfers on-the-go. It also boasts massive USB 3.0 speeds (up to 5Gb/s!). Being USB 2 compatible means you can use this device for virtually all computer systems.

The iFusion telephone system

This product is basically a docking station for your iPhone that combines traditional phone systems with the capabilities of the mac iOS. The iFusion breathes new life into the old desktop phone by combining it with its mobile counterpart. Enjoy a conference call via FaceTime or Skype, or ensure your phone is always fully charged, with the iFusion you can do it all. With built-in Bluetooth technology, duplex speaker phone and a smooth ergonomic design, this very well may be the telecommunications system of the future.

Want a real solution to optimising the potential of your business?

Team up with the best in the business – us at Com2! We have a comprehensive range of communication systems that are suited to all types of business industries. Whether you have one small store or a head office in every state, we have the right system to keep you connected for less. Go VoIP to use your internet connection to its full potential and eliminate costly phone fees. We can build you a custom network for your requirements or provide you with stock-standard VoIP software, either way you’re sure to remain in constant contact with your clients, associates or business partners.

It’s no secret we’re becoming more connected to each other than ever before, so it’s important to use a system that incorporates the needs of your business as an entity as well as your employees. Talk to our experts today to discover which system will work for your specific needs.

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