Knitty Gritty’s of Baccarat Rules

Knitty Gritty’s of Baccarat RulesBaccarat is a casino game that is at times known as Punto Banco. This game is often played in a separate area of the casino since its table is almost the size of a craps table. It is necessary that you have the baccarat rules at your fingertips before getting into the game. The game has three casino dealers and up to 14c players, though in some cases it may accommodate 12 players. In this game, there are two principal bets that can be taken out, either a Banco (banker) or a Punto (player). However, there is a third bet that can be taken out, though this one is rarely used. It is referred to as the Standoff. In some casinos, there may be a dealer while in others the players can elect to deal the cards in turns. In online games, usually there is a virtual dealer who takes charge of the dealing. 
What you need to know
In this game, each player, including the one who has been tasked with dealing cards can bet on either a punto or a banco. However, often the dealer is expected to bet on a banco. In some cases, the players may choose not to deal and instead pass on the shoe to the next player. During the game, the shoe stays with one player as long as the bank wins. However, if punto wins, then the shoe is passed on to the next player. 
Typically, two hands are dealt by the dealer and the player then bets on which of the two hands will win. The game goes on until someone opts out. This game bears similarities to roulette in which players bet on red or blank numbers. In case of a banco win in baccarat, the winner is usually charged 5% commission. This is tax that is levied on the winnings by the casino, talk of their advantage. The question that most people ask is why tax the banco and not the punto? Well, over time it was discovered that over an 8 deck cards play, there is a higher chance of banco wining than Punto. In fact, some statistics show that in such a round, the chances of banco winning are up to 4 hands more than Punto. 
How is the game played?
In this game, each of these hands has a minimum of two cards and a maximum of three cards. Usually, the dealer puts two cards face down on the table. Often these cards are tucked under the shoe. The player having the largest bet on a Punto win is often given the other two cards face down. The largest Punto player will then look at the cards and give them back to the dealer.  Once the dealer is done, the player dealing will turn over the cards and announce the winner. 
In case either hand totals to 8 or 9, which is the highest, then it is normally referred to as a natural. In such a case, no more cards are given out. In cases where it is not a natural, then the dealer may be instructed to deal again depending on the value of the cards available. One thing that you need to note is that the dealing of the third card has to follow specific steps that must be used by all the casinos. Once the dealing part is done, then the player having the highest count is declared the winner. 
The rules
Playing baccarat is simple; the game is played from a six-deck or an eight-deck shoe. In this game all the face cards as well as those that have 10s do not have value. The cards that have a value of less than 10 are usually taken at their face value. In the same vein, Aces are given a value of 1 in this game. It is also important to note that suits usually do not count only those cards with single digit values are considered. While counting, any count that goes beyond the single digit threshold loses the left digit. For instance, if my count gets to 12, then I lose the 1 and remain with the 2. The aim of the game is to get the highest count. The game will often start with the players placing their bets on either a Punto or a Banco. 
When to deal the third card
There are precise procedures that are usually followed before issuing the third card. As discussed earlier if a situation arises and either the player or the banker has a total card value of 8 or 9 on their first two cards, then in this case no further cards are drawn. However, in cases where the player’s total amounts to less than or is equal to 5, then the player’s hand may choose to draw a third card. The following rules need to be followed strictly if the third card is to be drawn. These are just some of the baccarat rules that you will need to know to start you off.  Baccarat rules are fairly complicated, especially at first; however, with time, you get the hang of it and enjoy.

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