Is Email Dead? I Don’t Think So!

Is Email Dead? It doesn't look like email is going to die


  1. strangewolf64 says:

    @amberrisme @mytimematters not according to my growing number of spam :-)

    • mytimematters says:

      @strangewolf64 @amberrisme Agreed, I have a separate email for spam and anything I get into my main one – I’ll unsubscribe from it – #email

    • amberrisme says:

      @strangewolf64 @mytimematters I’m so glad my spam folders seem to work properly. It annoys me to no end.

  2. jorgepson says:

    mytimematters i guess you’re right. email is still alive and doing its part in the generation of traffic. what only annoys us if the email became spam. on the other side, since there are lots of users are been wasting their time in browsing social sites, then i guess social media over powered email. try to read here:

  3. Email does only one thing to bring visitors in but the main concern is that most of them are spam, and one needs to keep check on this massive email spamming that is growing rapidly.

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