Integrate Video as an Integral Part of Your Content Strategy

Many marketers and small business owners are aware of the benefits of integrating video content as part of an overall Internet marketing strategy.  The number of opportunities to integrate video including social media networking sites, blog posts, web pages, YouTube, etc. can seem overwhelming.  People frequently report that they do not incorporate video into online marketing strategies because they simply do not know which online video platform to choose or where to start. Recent reports show that video viewing has doubled on mobile devices in the past 12 months alone.  Instead of feeling stuck with too many options, come up with a solid marketing strategy, an obtainable end goal, and get started ASAP.

Video Content Creation in a Nutshell

It is easy to essentially drive yourself insane when comparing different types of video equipment, different locations for shooting, and different nuances associated with publishing and production.  Instead of focusing on developing a prime-time quality video, focus on refining your overall internet marketing strategy.  Create “How To” videos, interviews with experts, or personal video that promotes informal learning through video with quick and dynamic training.  Instead of wondering what would be best, you have to try out a few different channels to determine which few are optimal for generating leads and driving sales.

Listed below are some easy ways to start sharing video content:

  • Use Your Smartphone Camera App

Data suggests that various YouTube videos do not have to be of top quality to be wildly successful.  Often, natural videos of decent quality work great.  Grab your smartphone from your pocket and shoot a quick interview or instructional video clip.

  • Social Media Hangouts

Create easy business videos on Google+ hangouts for business.  Videos are easy to create, easy to post, and easy to +1.

  • Vine Video App

Short Vine videos can be created and shared on a Twitter or Facebook feed straight from your smartphone.  Embrace the continuity of sharing tidbits of information on social media sites by using the Vine app.

  • Instagram’s new Video Feature

This one is a lot like Vine.  It allows you to share videos that short, sweet, social media-friendly, and to the point.

How to Create Videos People Want to Watch Again

All of the above are great places to get started.  However, video content needs to be produced, edited, published, and promoted.  A few funny home videos are fine, but they can seem lackluster in many different industries.  Below are a few ideas to take your video content creation strategy to the next step:

  • Develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy, and come up with a plan for how your video content will fit with the rest of your online marketing techniques.
  • Invest in basic video editing software to make videos easier to understand, promote brand recognition, and help engage your target audience.
  • Get started without acting hastily.


Below are a few takeaway points for video content creation and marketing:

  • Focus on a comprehensive strategy
  • Get started instead of being stuck due to the number of available options
  • Choose several options and start shooting video content

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