Income Producing Assets List

Income Producing Assets List

Income Producing Assets are also known as Cashflow Assets and the Intelligent Investors invest in the Income producing assets. This is because as long as they hold onto these assets, they will continue to give them cashflow.

You can find the complete list of cashflow producing assets in the articles below … under “Related Articles”. In this Article I will list every other asset that can give you the cashflow income as long as you hold on to those assets.

– Stocks (Dividend Income)

– Bonds (Interest Income)

Real Estate (Rental Income)

– Mutual Funds (Dividend or Monthly Income Funds)

– Businesses (Business Income)

– Internet Assets (Domains, blogs, websites … etc …)

– Intellectual Properties such as Books, Music, Movies (Royalty Income)

– Network Marketing (Yes, Your Network is your Asset … that would be your e-mail list)

That being said, all of the above are considered Cashflow assets. What’s listed above is not the complete list. You can convert any asset into an income producing asset if you use your mind. Let me give you 1 example and you will understand how.

Let’s say that one of my friends owns 2 Vintage Cars of 1960 Model. He received these cars from his grandfather as inheritance. Now, obviously Vintage cars are the assets but they are not considered cashflow assets. They appreciate in their price but they don’t provide you with any income, right? So what my friend started was he began giving his 2 cars for rent to marriages for $500 per night.

And you won’t believe this … but both of his cars are booked for 20 days in a month. Now, that’s $10,000 of Income in a month from 2 Vintage Cars … that’s nothing to sneeze at!

At the end of the day you can convert any asset into a Cashflow asset if you want.

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