iExplorer HD [review] for iPhone, also available on iPad

iexplorer hd review my time matters blog iphone ipadWith iExplorer HD you can virtually travel anywhere and be able to open your files from the comfort of your iPhone/iPad. It is not just the cloud servers like Google Drive, DropBox, Sky Drive, CloudMe, Box, Google Docs and Microsoft Live Mesh that it can access but Windows sharing servers as well. The app is pretty easy to use and comes with a detailed tutorial video on how to go about using it. iExplorer HD should be able to open pretty much any file format possible from PDF to iWork or Office files. There’s even a built in code viewer with syntax highlighting for languages such as Objective C, Java, PHP and more.

iExplorer HD is used as an eBook reading tool. It plays media files such as your music videos and other streaming media. It acts as a work assistant and image viewer.

iExplorer HD will save you a lot of time in managing and accessing your files from anywhere at anytime.

The app has some amazing new features, which makes things much easier for a user. Features such as:

  • Powerful file manager which allows user to copy, move, delete, email, sort, open in files on iPhone/iPad or Windows sharing server/FTP server/WebDAV server/Cloud server(DropBox,, Google Docs, SkyDrive …)
  •  Search/filter files on iPhone/iPad or remote servers
  • Sync files and view offline documents if the server is unreachable
  • Stream video/audio on remote servers(Windows sharing files/FTP server/WebDAV server/DropBox/Box.Net/SkyDrive …)
  • eBook reader (support CHM, PDF, ePub, large text/PDB files…) with bookmark/outline support
  • Edit spreadsheets on Google Docs. Save Google Docs document to different format (MS office documents, Open offices documents, PDF, rtf, txt, jpg, png)
  • Print and tweet any viewable documents (PDF, ePub, Microsoft office documents, iWork documents, html, photos, CHM, text…)

iExplorer HD is a powerful and useful app. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Grab it from the App Store.

App Details

Title: iExplorer HD

Price: $4.99 – £2.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Zhigang Chen

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