How you can earn 10,000 dollars a month online, or can you?

For sure you have probably read it online somewhere how certain people earn whopping $10,000 right at the comforts of their home. It’s too good to be true, right? Yet, the same person claims that it can be done, and all it takes is to follow a certain program to do so.

But do you really believe that a person does earn this amount? I bet you start to question and doubt whether such claims are true or not! I don’t blame you. Even myself I doubt those people who have been spreading the word that they can earn $10,000 a month without having to leave their home. Before you know it, you are now purchasing an eBook that claims to be the key to earning such figures every month. After a few seconds of reading the eBook, you then start and think to yourself; I cannot do this or this eBook is very useless!

Let me tell you this, earning 5 to 6 figures a month is very easy if you have the right product to market or the service to offer to people worldwide. Remember, millions and millions of people worldwide are facing their computers and surfing the Internet for a couple of hours a day. It would be nice if you can come up with an idea to make these people to shell out $1 per person, then you will be a millionaire in no time. $1 x 1,000,000 people worldwide, that’s a whooping $1,000,000! This is just an estimate and the amount can either go up or down, depending upon the product or service, and your determination to reach your goal.

This is just the possibility of what can happen if each person will shell out $1 to buy a product or service worth that amount. In today’s world, digital products are worth $10-$50 and even $100. But the problem lies on how to market such product and convert a click into a sale. If you have good marketing skills, then surely it will be much easier for you. But if you don’t have any idea at all, you are in big trouble and are at risk of losing all your hard earned money.

If you are determined to earn $10,000 monthly there are two things that you might want to do. First, sell a viable product that has a big market or even a small market which consists of people who are willing to buy the product at any cost because they are desperate to have a solution to their problem or vice versa. Earn profits from it. Or you can have an online shop, such as e-commerce. If you are not keen on selling products, you can offer other services to people and let them pay you a minimal amount for the services that you have rendered. Like for example, you are good at making websites. Then why not offer your services for those small businesses and give them affordable rates in order for them to be more tempted to avail your services.

Remember, it takes time before you can even reach your goal of earning $10,000 a month. You need to establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable individual in order to gain the trust of your customers and eventually your business will grow in no time and reaching a 5 to 6 figure income will come in no time!!!


  1. Michael E. says:

    This is totally true, I have actually payed for an ebook before, and paid about 2 bucks for it. The ebook was actually useless (for me), but it was only 2 bucks. After that though, I had my credit card billed for even more money and had to file a report! So be careful with those ebooks guys, just read the disclaimer.

  2. I always these people if it is net or gross that they are writing about their FEIN and if required in their State their State ID number.

    As of today only one person has replied and he was a student doing research.

    Hint: Put yourself a list together of State Attorneys and Better Business Bureau and ask questions before you spend your $2.00.

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