How to distinguish a Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

Boutique accommodations in Hong Kong are usually distinguished as being small-sized establishments that are either chic, hip, artsy or contemporary. Now, all of these descriptions are all very true, but there’s actually more to these luxury and lifestyle hotels than just being elegant. A boutique hotel in Hong Kong offers family accommodation as well as single travelers. It definitely has more to offer when it comes to providing quality service, unparalleled comfort and more.

Boutique lodgings are small in size

Boutique accommodations compared to an average hotel is a lot smaller in size and their guest rooms are not too overwhelming and are seen considerably cozy. Their size actually helps exude a more intimate setting because hotels like these have small lobbies and their very own reception areas. Aside from that, they also offer a limited number of rooms, with 25-150 rooms available. But despite the compact size and the limited space of a premier hotel, rooms are still very much spacious and well furnished. Since boutique hotels are a lot smaller, this makes it less busy or crowded, so visitors can expect to have a peaceful and relaxing stay there.

Boutique lodgings are more than service-oriented

All hotel establishments are service-oriented, but boutique inns just add an extra oomph to the way they serve their guests. The hotel staff will simply aim to please their clients round the clock, which helps create a more personal and friendlier atmosphere. They always take the meaning of ‘hospitality’ to a whole different level. Moreover, the intimate size of the hotel helps the staff to create a more individualized service and they can immediately work on their client’s needs and requests, whenever and wherever. With them, you’ll always be assured that attention to detail is highly regarded.

Boutique lodgings are independent, trendy and classy

Boutique inns are generally distinguished as independent hotels, so they’re quite exclusive (they always aim to be recognized as being only one of its kind), as you won’t usually find them affiliated with any mainstream hotel group chains. But other than that, boutique inns can also be seen as being both trendy and classy. They’re usually characterized as an establishment that offers some of the most uniquely decorated and themed spaces.

How to distinguish a Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

Boutique lodgings also focus on their Food and Beverage

If the food is great and the drinks are offered in a wide selection, then the hotel definitely has something grand to offer. These are two essential elements that also help boutique inns to attract a certain market. Now most hotel guests will book boutique inns for their exclusive features.

A sophisticated boutique hotel in Hong Kong

If you’ve ever heard of the V Hotels in Hong Kong, then you’ll easily recognize each of their establishments as boutique lodgings. Take for example one of their premier inns, the V Wanchai2 Hotel. The boutique accommodation offers abaca-inspired features with matte floor finishes.

The V Wanchai2 Hotel offers every guest a fully furnished room (i.e. sleeping chamber with spacious bed/s, separate bath and walk-in shower, fully equipped kitchen). They also equip each of their living spaces with state-of-the-art devices such as a cable-ready 42” Plasma TV, HQ audio system, DVD/CD player, Wii console with popular games and more.

For checked-in guests, complimentary drinks and snacks are also served throughout the day, but aside from these select offerings, the hotel also provides their guests access to their business centers and self-service laundry facilities. They also offer daily housekeeping, a 24-hour concierge and security service, as well as an airport limousine pick-up.

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