How Smartphones Tracking Can Help in Increasing Business Productivity?

Smartphones are playing a major role in several critical fields such as health and education by running a variety of apps. In the same way, smartphones are also helping different businesses to reduce cost, plan well, and meet the predefined official milestones on time. The most common milestone for any business would be to increase productivity. It goes without saying that the productivity of staff contributes significantly in the growth of business.

However, the main key to improved overall productivity is to keep your staff motivated as well as to keep a distant eye on them to ensure that they are doing their best and not wasting time. But in case the productivity is dropping or is not up to the mark, it becomes vital for the employers to find out the problem. This is the primary action of all employers whenever they believe that some employees are not performing up to the mark. In most cases, the topmost reason of reduced
productivity is the inclination towards the personal tasks instead of professional work during the office hours.

So, what can be done now?

cell phone misuse preventionThe only way to prevent this misuse of official time is to monitor the suspects. One of the ways to do so, which may come in your mind, is to stand on top of their heads. But this is not at all an effective solution. Although many employers are of the opinion that this is an ideal way to improve the productivity, it may result in distracting the employees, thus, reducing their productivity even further. Furthermore, the employers tend to have a very busy schedule due to which it is just not feasible to spend time on such activities. So, finally, the idea of standing on the heads of employees goes in vain! Well, this is exactly where a smartphone can help you!

How about tracking the smartphone?

Most employees who do not give their desired productivity spend their time in personal work during the office hours. Generally, most of them spend time in making personal phone calls, sending SMSs, or surfing the Internet. So, how about tracking these activities without touching the suspect’s smartphone? If you can do so, you will be able to catch the loopholes, share the same with that employee politely, and warn her or him in a decent way.

If this sounds interesting to you, then consider using a mobile tracking and monitoring app such as Cell Phone Spy, FlexiSpy, and Spyera; which work on variety of platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian. Such apps are really quick to download and easy to install from their official sites. You will only need to access the suspect’s phone for installation. Remember it is not legal to monitor a smartphone that is owned by someone else. So, it is a good idea to allow a company phone to your employee, and you can install the app onto the phone before handing it over. Once the app is installed, it starts working in an invisible mode to track and log:

  • Incoming/outgoing calls, SMSs, and e-mails even if they are deleted
  • Messenger chats
  • Social networking activities
  • Whats app messages
  • Sites browsed
  • Mobile apps accessed such as memos and calendar
  • GPS location

At every fixed interval, the app silently uploads the logs to an online server by using the phone’s Internet feature. You can then view these logs through your online account on the app’s official site usually after an hour of installation.

In this way, you can find out what is your employee doing during the office hours so that you can talk with her or him to retain her or his concentration back on work.

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger enthusiastic about cell phone spy technology and other monitoring apps in mobile technology. She has her own blog on it and to know more, please visit her blog.


  1. I still feel that this would not be a good idea. Having so much control over someone’s personal activity is not justified. I believe there should be other ways to curtail the personal work in office time but this ain’t a good one.

    • gautamhans I somewhat agree with you, it’s just as bad as watching over your employees shoulder.  Some interactions should just not be allowed to be monitored.

  2. @inforhcrea Thanx guys!

  3. I absolutely agree with gautamhans + vitalyvt! This sucks BIG TIME!This is going from big brother to middle brother… if your employee does not perform well, give her a warning, if things don’t change, fire her!Simple and painless solution! Keep it stupid simple, guys!!! And don’t mess with people’s privacy!!!

  4. This is the age of technology and now we can get lots of benefits via technology, smartphone are also playing a great role here.


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