Happiness in a Fool’s paradise

Continuation of the Nature of Soul

We all are looking for love and happiness. No one wants to be sad and unhappy. All our endeavours are but meant for one goal – to be loved and to be happy.  In spite of the fact that everyone wants to be happy, we only find but a little affection and happiness in this world. And unfortunately, even that is mixed with suffering and sorrow.

A poor man may think, oh! I don’t have money and therefore I am not able to enjoy; or an ugly woman may say, oh! I am not beautiful, therefore I am not happy. Let us take an example; Princess Diana. She was not poor, neither was she ugly. On the contrary, she had fame, beauty, money, etc. everything. She was married to Prince Charles; yet she was not happy and divorced him. So reasons may be different, but this is a fact that no one is happy and whatever happiness we may feel, it is short lived.

Not only Lady Diana, but let us take the example of Mussolini or Hitler – do you think they were happy people?  Marilyn Monroe – what was she lacking? Still she committed suicide. So was she happy?

A famous saint from the East once said, “We should reflect on the way that we are living at present, and look into the future, asking ourselves, “Will I be happy in the future, if I continue doing what I am doing now, and following the process that I am following now?” When we ask ourselves this question, we will see that we are going in the same direction as those people have gone. They were all unhappy, and if we go in that direction, we will also be unhappy.”

There is no deficiency of rich and famous people in this world; yet you would see most of them are unhappy even after having plenty of money, fame and opulence. Doesn’t matter what position they are in now, they will also become old and die one day. It is said that Alexander the Great won the whole world, but a mosquito bite defeated him. What is the value of happiness here?

The material life has become very advanced these days, whether it is medical science or kitchen department. Yet people are becoming old and ultimately dying.  Who wants to become old and their hair turn grey? Neither does anyone want their eyes to go weak. What we want is to always remain young and beautiful. But nature forces us to turn ugly and old.

No men in this world would want to marry an old woman. However, we all are forced to accept old age.

In a nutshell, we all want happiness, youth, beauty – because this is our inherent nature as a soul. However, due to coming in contact with material nature, we are looking for what is happiness in a fool’s paradise. We have to look at the right place and we would never have another moment of unhappiness.

Stay tuned to know more.


  1. Vitaly…

    This is a powerful post that I wish you could go around on a bullhorn sharing with the rest of the world. It is quiet when truth is revealed because it has a way of calming the normally turbulent conditions of our life. Truth is easily recognizable and I have found plenty in your "well-placed" lines.

    My hope is to follow in the footsteps of the saint that you mentioned. I want to look at my life everyday, study it, and understand what I LOVE about it. I also want to grasp and be able to articulate what I loath about it. The hope is that I can someday position myself to get the best out of life instead of the "rest" out of life. Thank you for this inspirational and powerful post. I aspire to attain as much paradise as possible on this side of Glory.
    My recent post Hostile Takeover!

    • Hey Jermaine, I couldn't agree more. I urge to get the best out of life as well, rather than the "rest" out of life as you put it.
      I'm a big fan of your posts and it's always a pleasure to see you around!

    • Hi Jermaine
      I am happy that you liked the post and it seems to me that you have some great realizations too. If you want to read more of this stuff, I suggest you to refer to these two sites; http://www.purebhakti.com – there are many free e-books to download from the first site. I take my daily dose of inspiration from there..it helps me to stay focused and on track :)
      thanks again for reading the post..

  2. Happiness comes from within and no outside source will ever be able to do that for you. It's all up to you. Which is why I can 100% say that I truly am happy.

    My last boss was a very wealthy guy and a lot of people thought he was just really lucky. The truth was, he was a miserable human being. He had it all but he was and still is a very unhappy man. Due to his state of mind, he's having a lot of health problems too. You bring about what you think about.

    Great post and fabulous topic Vitaly. I agree with Jermaine. We need to shout this from the rooftops with a bullhorn to get others to pay attention. It all comes from within.

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  3. richie lloyd says:

    Happiness is in the here and now and it is your choice to be happy or not. Happiness is not a destination that you will arrive at next week, next month or next year. If you cannot be truly happy right here, right now, with what you have in your life then you cannot guarantee to be truly happy at any future point in your life. Look to what you have and be happy with it and then strive to get more of it tomorrow.

  4. Great post Vitaly, it's posts like these that create this daily/weekly mini-hype to either make you stay on track or shift how you perceive your own life and your surroundings!

    I agree with you Adrienne that happiness comes from within, which to me is very comforting, since it keeps me in control.

    I am sure I am on the right track, still with some adjustments and improvements. I would like to post this question though: How do you know when you are living your life to the fullest?

    For me it's a very interesting question, only because I am in doubt myself:-) Does that mean I am not living my life to the fullest? Probably.

    Great day – Jannick
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    • Hi Jannick
      thanks for reading the post and I am happy that you found in interesting. I dont know if you would agree or not, but we live life to the fullest only when we use it for the purpose we are here- and you would surely agree on this that we are not here just for eating, sleeping, mating and defending – the 4 principles that all of the animals also follow.
      We have come here to realize that person who has created us and everything and realize what is our relationship with Him. This might be too profound, so at the moment I am not touching on these topics…
      but stay tuned there is more to come

    • Nice to see you around Jannick, thanks for coming though. I totally agree, it's in our human nature to constantly seek out new light … it's a continuous journey. I am right there with you, sometimes we all get those thoughts creeping in doubting our being whether we are on the right track or not.
      You pose a great question, and I think that once we help enough people get what they want, we ultimately get what we want … and it's a long journey that starts from within. Not being happy is also a great emotion that fuels the same fires if accounted for property.

  5. Very powerful post. It was hard for me to read because it hit too close to home.

    Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom or have hardship to realize what is important. Atleast that is what happened to me. well we didn't hit rock bottom, but we come from a 2 six figure income to unemployed and homeless and now the things that used to make me happy don't even matter like if i drive a BMW, or my high heels need to be name brand. It's still a little culture shock for me as most of my friend still live in that hight tech high salary world. they think we are crazy living on the road but we are happy and that's all that matters.
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    • Hi Annie
      you have really seen the ugly face of this material nature – that has made you so mature and realized – it was really nice to hear from you. It is indeed true, no BMW or luxury home can give us permanent happiness – it is simply not possible….
      hope to see and hear from you more often :)

      • Hey Annie, nice to see you again. I can relate to that type of experience … once I had it all, and in the matter of time I was left with nothing. This type of turning point can either break you or make you. Ultimately you'll get it all back and more if you truly desire, it's the law of the universe and just a ride. You can either strap in and take it seriously, or just strap in and know that it's just a ride.

  6. Happiness is something you have to be prepared to acknowledge and work for yourself. I honestly think that no amount of advice and tips can help you, but rather steer you in the right direction to happiness. Some people are so set in their depressed or down moods that they feel that that is the only way they can be. Rather, they should try having a positive outlook. Over time one's mind will believe it!

  7. My happiest days in life were the ones when I woke up. I left an (psychological, threatening, suicidal, manipulative, aggressive, sexual) abusive man, left all my money behind -I lost every single penny, left all the people that were connected with this old life and escaped to make a cut. I lived in Switzerland up high somewhere in the mountains where nobody knew me and where I was able to make a new start. Ever since I am the happiest woman in the world because I realized that all I need is myself to be happy.

    It is nice to have friends, it's nice to have money to afford things, it's nice to live in a house and drive a car, it's nice to get compliments because you look good -but they are all not essential to be happy. All you need is your personal freedom and allow yourself to be truly yourself. Who cares what others think of you? It's more important what you think of yourself. So, I will enjoy the last days of my life -and who knows which one it will be? And does that matter? Even that doesn't.
    Thanks for the insight, I am just hoping sometimes that more people would get to enjoy what I do and experience true happiness but that's not up to me..

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Thanks so much for your thought out comment Franziska. I wish more people would realize our collective contentiousness and start seeing the picture for what it really is..

  8. Boy am I lucky that money and beauty don't make for happiness! New follower from Social Sunday! I would love for you to stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi & return follow! :)

  9. We all want more than we have. A blond girl will want to be brunette, and the brunette girl will want to be blond. A professional athlete will want some free time to enjoy like, go to clubs or drink a beer, while a factory worker will want to be a professional athlete.
    If we take it like this, we'll never become happy. That's why whenever i feel sad because i don't have or afford something, i try to remind myself there are a lot of people out there that have even less than i do. People in Africa that don't have drinking water. People without limbs that struggle through life. Blind people, homeless people, orphans, etc.
    Compared to them i'm the happiest man alive.
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  10. This is another realization in life that happiness could not be found in any material things. Doing good deeds is one way to achieve lifetime happiness. And even just a simple talk with a friend and recalling the happy moments is already a simple thought of happiness.

  11. Thanks for this I realized that I'm missing a lot from my life because of stress and work. If only it doesn't require me to work hard to raise my family I would have resorted to the countryside and live a peaceful and happy life :)

  12. I made being happy my number one priority. I do not recall where I got the idea from but I now keep a little sign on my desk to remind me of this. M-O-J-I-TO-Be Happy = My Only Job Is To Be Happy.

    As I find ways to believe this, my entire life changes.
    My recent post 8 Tips for Becoming Happier

  13. sandra anovich says:

    This is a great post! It's always our choice if we want to stay miserable or choose to be happy over misery. I have read a great book, "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews and it have helped me greatly in how i look at things and changed my life's perspective for the better!
    My recent post Philippines: Your Best Summer Escapade

  14. Very motivational post! Truly it is that happiness cannot be bought by money and cannot be acquire by external forces, it must come from the inner self. Happiness is one of the reason why we should continue to live even without the present of material things. I do appareciate your post. The choice of topic was an excellent one. Keep it up!
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  15. Yeah, but it's really difficult to be happy that way since we are mostly influenced by other people plus our contentment in life is changing from time to time.
    My recent post Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

  16. True happiness is something untouchable, so why spend your life trying to have something you'll never reach? all we can do is try to enjoy the small good things life gives us, and get over the bad ones.
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