Google Analytics – A handy Tool to Measure Visitor Engagement on Your Page


Google-analytics-Audience-Frequency-and-recencyWhen you are investing all your time as well as resources in the production of a sound digital content, then it is important for you to identity whether the content you have used resonates with your visitors or not. You need to know whether the visitors, who read your blog posts, videos, content or any other item published on your site get engaged in your content or not, as if they do not then the entire content will be of no use.

With Google Analytics, you can get to know, which content at your blog is most popular. Here are some of the useful ways through which you can track the level of engagement using Google Analytics.

Social media follows likes and shares

The pages of the blog where social media sharing buttons are available to show that the content is shared via using Google Analytics. If a particular content is shared, it means that the visitor liked it. This can tell to what extent the content was consistent with the requirements of the visitors. Along with identifying how many times the content was shared, Google analytics can also help you in identifying the network on which it was shared.

Number of visitors returning to your blog

It is a common practice that when visitors like a content at some blog, they usually subscribe to the RSS feed or get an email subscription. This preference can help you in tracking that how many visitors actually return to your blog. This is, however, a quite minor representative of the percentage of the traffic coming to a blog but still it should be counted.

In order to go deep, check out the “Frequency and Recency” section of Google analytics. This will show you how many people come to your site over the period of time.


A blog may have documents available for downloads as well. A link is provided for this purpose. If you track down each download as an event, then you can get to know that how often the visitors are visiting the blog and whether they are liking the content to which the download link is provided or not.

Engagement of the audience

Engagement section is also available in Google Analytics. This can give you information about how long the visitors stay at your site.  Google has a 1 to 10 second category where it puts the visits even if someone has visited a single page irrespective of the time spent at that page. Thus, you will find the 0 to 10 second section high.

Other useful info

Here are 3 useful stats through which customer engagement can be measured. The details are:

  • Average pages per visit: It can tell how many pages of your site the visitors explore.
  • Time on site:  It can let you monitor the amount of time a visitor spends on a site. There are times when the average visit per page is low but the time on site is high. The reason for this might be that visitors leave the page after reading the posts published on it.
  • Bounce rate: When a visitor comes to a site and leaves without getting engaged with other pages, then it is called bounce rate.

Hence, Google Analytics is a handy tool to know such kind of information, which is worthy to know if you want your content to proved fruitful in fulfilling your desired target.

This post is written by Adeel Zia, A young social media nerd who works on getting real twitter followers.

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