Earn Money with a Blog

Earn Money through your Blog

Blogging has been emerged as a new Professional Business since 2000. Up to 2000, people did not know what blogs were, how they work, and their earning potential. But after 2004 many bloggers started making literally 6 figure incomes from their blogs every year. And that has caught the attention of many internet entrepreneurs.

The Best Part about Blogging is that …

– Blog Income is a Passive Income &

– You can apply several Income streams to one blog

And because of the above 2 characteristics, Blogs have now become popular worldwide. The most common Income source for any blog is Sponsored Advertising mainly Google AdSense … but we are now seeing a different shift. You are seeing the ads surrounding this article. These ads are supplied by infolinks and my affiliate programs that have benefited many people to obtain their online riches and whenever a visitor clicks on these ads (infolinks), I am getting paid from few cents to few dollars per click. As far as the affiliate programs are concerned, that’s a prettier penny.

The money generation capacity of blogs is mainly based on the level of web traffic they receive every month. The greater the web traffic, the greater the revenue. Here are few Income streams that you can apply to your blog to make money.

– Advertising

– Affiliate Marketing

– Sponsored Events

– Sponsored Videos

– Paid Reviews

– e-Commerce Shopping Cart

– Sponsored Podcasts

Selling your Blog

Yes, The Last option is the exotic way of making money from your Blog. Here you sell your entire blog to a new owner. Flippa.com & SitePoint.com are 2 reputed marketplaces where you can buy and sell blogs or any other web properties.

That being said, all of the above are various Income streams that you can apply to a single blog to make money from your blog. Another great thing about blogs is that you can either apply it as your profession or you can manage it as your Business.

Only when you decide to dedicate your full time behind a blog, then it will become your profession. But if you don’t want to dedicate your own time on running your blog, then you can hire more writers onto the board of your blog and they will run a blog on your behalf.

Many successful Bloggers around this world have hired 10 to 15 Blog writers for their blogs who run them even while they sleep or travel the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Therefore, whether you want to run your blog as a Profession or you want to run it as your Business really depends on your own mindset. If your mindset is that of Entrepreneur’s … then you will hire more writers on the board of your blog who will run your blog even while you travel the world. But if your mindset is that of Self-employed … then you will run it like your profession.

This really depends on you.

Figure out where you stand … read and learn. Then prosper.


  1. I want to know more about this topic. Ive been searching around the net for a best guide for blogging and of course I want to earn money from it.
    I tried before though I was not successful since adsense block my account for I dont know the reason.

  2. Is it really true that we earn money from blogging?
    If that will be the case, count me in.
    Can you post another article that simply help a beginner like me to start blogging.
    Thanks and Have a nice day

  3. Setting up and running successful blog takes too much time. also blog owner need to provide unique content every-time that can bring regular users as well as new users to the blog site. however if you are good or expert in something, running a successful blog related to your expertise is not that hard.

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